Day Sixteen

February 16, 2009

Chlorine: One of the elementary substances, commonly isolated as a greenish yellow gas, two and one half times as heavy as air, of an intensely disagreeable suffocating odor, and exceedingly poisonous. It is abundant in nature, the most important compound being common salt (Sodium chloride). It is powerful oxidizing, bleaching, and disinfecting agent. Symbol Cl. Atomic weight, 35.4.



  1. 1000 yards at the Vissy Y at 6am this morning.

    I’m almost going to miss this in March, almost..

  2. 1000 at EKAQ after I filled my fella’s car up with gas.

  3. 2000 yards at the downtown YMCA

    Not sure if the pool was finally clearing up or if the sunshine made it easier to see.

  4. 1200 yards at Visser Y
    200 Swim 100 Kick 200 Swim 100 I.M. 200 Swim 100 Pull 200 Swim 100 Swim

  5. 1500 at the visser

  6. 950 yds today. I am still tired from yesterdays run/swim but thought that I could do two more lengths of the pool over my norm. I have never stood in the water 16 consecutive days in my life, let along swim 1/2 mile each day.

  7. 2500 yards ek

  8. 1000 yds at NRMS at lunch!

  9. 1050 yards @ HAC.

  10. 1100 at DDHY after work.

  11. 1000 at EGR tonight – saw Jen there!!

  12. Nice job Dave! =) I can’t wait to hear what you think about it all when it’s day 28!

  13. 1000 yds @ EGR HS — saw Sara — hooray!

    Congrats, Dave! I have also never been in the water this many days or swam this much in my life. And you know what? I like it. I might actually be a bit sad when February is over…

  14. 850 at DDHY

  15. 2500 yards at EGR from 8PM to 9PM. I felt good so I just kept going. I may be attempting to step it up after that humbling water polo weekend.

  16. An even 3000 at Byron Center Pool late night…

  17. 1100 yards with Pat after work yesterday at the DDHY

  18. 5×200 DDH Y

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