February 19, 2009

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.
Mark Twain

OK – Chuck Jones won the last challenge with 7 pools in 7 days.  (Rebecca was a close second with 6)

The next 2 challenges (because I am a little late) will happen over 5 days each.  The first is this:  Talk your way into a pool that you are not supposed to swimming in.  Like the Amway Grand Hotel pool, or Calvin College’s new pool.  I hear there are armed guards there, so be careful.  This is not an invitation to trespass, you must have permission to swim in the pool.  Find somewhere interesting and weasel reason your way in.  Then, come back here and tell us the story.  Best story wins the challenge.



  1. 1550 yards at Zeeland High Pool.

  2. 4000 EZ at EK….EZ meaning long and slow, stretching it out

  3. 1800 yards fast (for me) at the Downtown YMCA – did it in 24:45 straight

    I realized there are four phases to this swim challenge:
    1: OMG! My arms are gonna fall off
    2: Hey, this isn’t so bad – I might make it
    3: I am getting stronger, and feel like a real swimmer
    4: I never want to swim in a pool again!

    Where are you guys in this? 😛

  4. 1200 meters at MVP.

    I’m at #3 – and I’m also: glad that I lost 4.5 pounds in a week….even with all the extra chocolate! =)

  5. I’m at #3. And, you totally pegged the stages…so true!

    I did 1200 at GRCC this AM. Almost hit snooze AGAIN, but made it out the door instead!

  6. Amen on the stages, Rudy!
    I am so l-o-v-i-n-g stage #3 that I hope it never ends.
    I feel stronger and can feel muscle in places I didn’t when this started.

    For me, the day started with 1000M at the MAC at 5:30 this morning, then off o my Leadership Grand Rapids class for a very busy day. So happy all day because I knew I had my swim in.

    P.S. I swam and dreamed of chai lattes.

  7. 1000 at the Visser after work followed by a Homebrew Club meeting, followed by a pounding headache this morning.

    Oh and I’m at #4….

  8. Okay so I was doing my F***ING taxes last night and I look up and it is 8:45PM so I rush to EGR pool (closes at 10PM) and do a very quick 1,500. I was in and out in less than a half hour…

  9. I am at #3 only with an intense lack of endurance.

  10. 1200 yards at DDHY. And I’m a 2.5

  11. 1200 yards for me last night, and Im with Keith am at stage 3 but just getting unmotivated:) Oh well just gotta push it and finish strong!

  12. 900yds today.

  13. 900 at se

  14. 1000 DDH Y

  15. 2500 EK

  16. 1000 at Visser

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