Twenty One

February 21, 2009


  1. 2000 yards at Kentwood Aquatic Center

  2. 2050 yards @ HAC.

  3. quick 1100 yard (i think it was yards, it was just a really slow pool i think) at the Rockford Y

  4. 900yds at DDH. I cannot wait for next Sunday when I will be enjoying a pool-less day.

  5. 1400 yards at DDHY today.

  6. 1000 DDH Y 5 ish

  7. 2500 yards at the Visser Y between work and getting my bike tuned up at Chuck’s place.

    Thanks Chuck, I learned a lot and it’s working right again.

  8. 2000M at the MAC at 7:30 am.
    The MAC was plenty busy this morning but I was alone in the pool for about 70% of the time. Clearly, the Feb Swim Challenge needs better publicity for MAC members.
    Still in phase #3.

  9. 4000 meters at Jenison this morning….they had it set up for long course, 50m pool…so awesome. so roughly 4375 yards with 1/2 the flip turns!

  10. 1000 meters at MVP this morning.

  11. Oh man JR if I had know that I would have gone there and not Visser. 😦

  12. Swam 1200 at the visser.

  13. 1000 at EK

  14. 1200 EK

  15. Very jealous, JR — sounds AWESOME!

  16. 1400 at the DDHY with Pat. EGR was closed for a swim meet…

  17. 1000 DDHY

  18. 2500 yds ek

  19. 1000 at Visser

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