Twenty Two

February 22, 2009

In honor of the Academy Awards tonight, here is the quote:

Eighty percent of success is showing up.
Woody Allen



  1. My usual 900yds, but I have to admit it is getting easier to complete. It has taken 3 weeks, but my body is starting to adapt to the water and some resemblance of swimming.

  2. 1300 yards at the Rockford Y again today

  3. 1200 yards at EKAC with Rudy, Chuck and Matt. I missed you Sara! =)

  4. 1800 yards at EK – where the heck was Sara?!

  5. 1200M at East Hills. With the kids. In a really crowded, shallow pool. Had to do my laps in the “family swim” area of the pool, which meant I ran into my kids, floating kick boards or other pool detritus approx. every 75M. Jealous, aren’t you?

  6. guess what…”snuck” into Calvin’s pool. not that great of a story, but one of the assistant coach’s for the women’s swim team is a friend of mine and she opened the pool for me. i guess you could say i had to convince her to do so, but the story really isn’t that great. anyway, got in a reasonable 2000 yards in about a 1/2 hour…REALLY nice pool!

  7. 1000 at MVP today – I missed you all at EK, but was in EGR and the drive was much shorter to MVP than EK. And, Megan hooked me up. 🙂

  8. 1400 at EK with Rebecca, Rudy and Chuck. I’m going to miss the Sunday swims at Kentwood.

  9. 2550 yards @HAC.

  10. 1000 at the visser.

  11. 1250 yards at the Visser at 6:00pm

  12. 1200 at DDHY

  13. 1200 today at the DDHY with Pat. I was hungover as all hell, so I convinced Pat to take an easy day… EGR pool was closed AGAIN so I had to make special arrangements with Pat.

  14. 1000 @ DDHY

  15. 3000 yds EK

  16. 1000 at Visser.

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