Twenty Four

February 24, 2009

If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do all the rest have to drown too?
Steven Wright



  1. Happy Birthday Andy VanDusen! You should have to do the birthday swim like we had in highschool where we line up and beat you with kickboards. Who’s up for that??

  2. Or what we did in college polo. Same idea as JR except we basically beat him and drown him. Only stop to let him up for a breath and he just has to swim through everyone as fast as he can.
    Oh, how i miss those days….:-)

  3. 1800 at the DDH YMCA – seriously, the guy in the lane next to me was not wearing a swim suit but had his cotton underwear on. He must either be poor or had forgot his suit. I think the only reason he got to the pool without security tackling him was because they were not white.

    I am glad for the chlorine today because it will hopefully bleach that image from my eyes. Four more days!

    Happy Birthday Andy!

  4. 1100 at MVP this AM. Saw Rebecca there! It was nice to see a familiar face 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Andy!

  5. 1000 yards at Byron Center pool over lunch.

  6. 1000 yard swim with Pat at lunch.

  7. 1200M at MAC this morning…
    Remind me to never tell you when my birthday is!
    Happy Birthday, Andy!

  8. 3900 at EK…a nice little lunch time swim

  9. 2000 yards at the duncanville nat – 4x 3x 100m tempo-fast-easy 100 kick in between

  10. 1100 at NRMS at lunch time!

  11. 1500 yards at the Visser before the run with the MHRG.

  12. 1000 meters at MVP – it WAS good to see Sara this morning!

    Happy Birthday Andy!

    I also really like that you are doing this too Chris…all the way down in Texas! =)

  13. 1700 at the EGR pool at 8:30PM… the lap swim hours are getting all twisted coming up this week… I don’t know where to go!

  14. 1050 yards @ HAC.

  15. 4x 250 DDH next to “Turtle Man”. Happy Birthday, Andy glad you didn’t have to run the gauntlet~!

  16. 950 yds at DDH. I was concentrating so hard on getting my swim in before the swim team arrived that I did an extra lap over my norm…and it didn’t kill me.

  17. 1000 at Visser before work.

  18. Try to catch up on my posts….2500 yards East Allen High School Ft Wayne, IN

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