Twenty Five

February 25, 2009

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Its probably hard to be enthusiastic about swimming after 24 days, but there has to be some left.  I see a lot of people just posting their yardage.  Have you lost your enthusiasm?  What are your swimming plans once this challenge is over?  Are you never gonna swim in a pool again?  Are you gonna keep at it? (but take Sunday off, of course)



  1. Hey all,

    I need somewhere to swim on Thursday and Saturday of this week. The EGR pool is closed after 1PM on Thursday and Friday and all day Saturday. I need to know “one time” cost and available hours at GR area pools… any help is appreciated.

  2. Do you not have a Y membership? I could get you into the Y if you need it.
    Someone here works at the DDH Y maybe he can hook you up.

  3. 1200 yards at the YMCA this morning. All I had time for today.

    I am planning to swim 2-3 days a week after the challenge. I am also planning to go to the Kentwood Aquatic Center on Sunday (March 1) to swim with everyone.

  4. 1550 yards @HAC.

  5. Thanks all! I plan on swimming around 1,000 yards tonight at water polo practice.

    I have figured out my wonderful swim schedule for the rest of the challenge (thanks to EGR closing).

    Thursday 6:15AM at the NRMS pool

    Friday 6AM at the EGR pool

    Saturday at 12:30PM at the EKHS pool.

    I will update with actual yard totals on the daily links.
    Thanks for the help and advice!

  6. .5 mi. sprint (for me) just edged out C. Central swim practice. splash down at 3:06– out at 3:21.
    and yes, I am sick of the pool and sick in general. To be fair though I haven’t mixed it up or trained with anyone else intentionally. I’ll still swim a couple days a week after a hiatus, but focus more on water running. T-minus three days…

  7. 2000 yards at the Visser tonight.

    I WILL NOT be swimming on 3-1.. Not a chance..
    But I will be brewing beer that day any anyone is welcome to stop by and help/watch/drink any time that day.
    After this month is done I’m going back to one to two times a week until mid April when I start training for the Half Ironman. After that starts it’s going to be a lot of swim/bike/run for 20 weeks.

  8. Adam-
    If you want to swim at the DDH YMCA on Thursday and Saturday, just let me know. You can be my guest. I will be working both of those days and if I am not in when you arrive, have them call me on my cell (204-1938). As for swimming, I am getting sick with something and hopefully can squeeze out these last 3 days. Yesterday and today were tough.

  9. 1000 at MVP tonight after work.

    I’m soooo ready to be done! Especially on days when it’s really not “convenient” to get in the pool I plan to go 2-3 times per week to keep up on the progress made this month.

  10. 1050 at MVP this morning.

    I WILL be in a pool at a minimum of 3 days per week when this is over. I actually think it will be 4-5 times but I need to talk to my husband about carving that kind of time out. =) I love the way that regular swimming makes me feel and I’m glad for the reminder this year.

    Hey! Are we going to finish this thing with a final group swim (maybe EKAC) and/or some kind of get together/meal/potlucky thing? I think that might be fun…maybe Saturday afternoon or late afternoon Sunday (after some of you all get done swimming?)

  11. Rebecca I would love to do something like that but I wont be able to. My mother is leaving the no good POS she’s married to this Saturday and I have to help her move. So I wont even be able to make the long run again this week.
    Right now I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get the last swim in. I would like to do it in the morning but I don’t know what pool would be open at 8 am.

  12. 1000 yards at EKHS.

    After this is done I’m hopeing to swim at least 3 days a week. I’m considering setting a min. number of days and min. number of yards per week. So maybe two days and 8,000 yards. That way it’s either a lot of swimming in two days, or spread it over more days and make it easier. We’ll see.

  13. 1000 yards at Visser Y. I will probably try and swim one to two days per week until it gets nicer out and then three to four days outside.

  14. 2500 including water polo practice. I will most likely be in the water 4-5 days/week still as I’m doing some open water swim races this year. Can’t wait to get outside again!

  15. OK…keep forgetting to post. I have consistently been swimming 1000 at Visser daily, except for one day last week when it was closed.

  16. 300 warmup then 1.5 hours of water polo practice. So I would just make it easy and say 1000 yards total.
    I’m waiting for warm weather to start biking again, but I need to stay in the water more than usual to keep the joints moving.

  17. I will continue to swim 3 days/week. I only did half the yards this month as I did in last year’s swim challenge. I have been incredibly busier this year than last. I will try to start working on some speed to get ready for this years tri season.

  18. 1200 @ MAC at 7:00 pm

    THANK YOU to Rudy & Sara for coming to my social networking speech!!!!

    I have come to love swimming more than I ever imagined and will definitely keep doing it. Also, I can tell that I’m toner than when i started and have really built up my obliques. Swim suit season… bring it!

    I would really love how to 1) do a flip turn without feeling like I’m inhaling the entire pool and 2) have someone give me a swim lesson to critique my stroke form, etc… any takers?!?! I will minimally ply you with a beverage of your choosing.

  19. 1300 yards at the DDHY yesterday after work

  20. Jen you should hook up with Chuck at the EKHS on Sundays. I’m sure he would help you out.

  21. 2500 yards EK

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