Twenty Six

February 26, 2009


  1. 1200 at MVP this morning. Saw Rebecca again 🙂

    Figured out my solution while in Lk Leelanau this weekend – Meredith’s parent’s friends have an endless pool! If that doesn’t work I’ll be headed to either Northport Community pool or Traverse Civic pool. Gotta love the challenge! Although I’m not sure how to track how far I go in an endless pool…guess I’ll go for time.

  2. 1500 yards at Visser Y.
    300 Swim – 1000 pull (breathing drill) – 200 swim

  3. 2000 yards in the muck at the DDH YMCA – I could barely see the bottom.

  4. 1550 yards at HAC.

  5. 900yds at DDH and only 2 days left. I cannot wait for Sunday.

  6. 1200 M @ MAC at 6:30 am

    Random editorial: This week is incredibly busy for me professionally. I, who never really go out in the evening, have been out 3 nights so far this week. Plus, as mentioned yesterday, I gave a big speech to 200 people on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce yesterday morning. And tonight is the ADDY awards (think: the Oscars of advertising in West Michigan).

    So note that this is my 2nd swim within 12 hours (but by golly I AM going to finish this Challenge!) and the first time my husband, Scott, has looked at me as a tromped out of bed exhausted this morning like I was COMPLETELY INSANE. I admit, I thought so to.

    That said, I clocked off my 1200M (all I had time for) and still love swimming.

    NOTE my shout-out for swimming lessons on yesterday’s entry.


  7. 3500 at EK…looks like my swim challenge will end in a hotel pool too, but in Toronto…tomorrow will be last day of swimming in a “real” pool.

    Jen, I could lend a hand/fin to see what I could assist with. Timing might be tough, but I’d be willing to help with flip turns and/or stroke.

  8. 1000 yards at the Visser tonight.

  9. 1100 yards at NRMS at lunch time.

  10. 1500 yards at DDHY after work.

  11. 1050 meters this morning at MVP – was fun to see Sara again. =)

  12. 1400 yards at the DDHY yesterday after work 2 more days!

  13. 2000 yards at EK

  14. UGH 1600 this morning at the NRMS!!! It wa slike swimming in warm pudding. No lane lines, warm pool temp make Adam something something… Go crazy? Don’t mind if I do!!!!

  15. Swim with the masters lady’s at DDHY. Did about 1600 after showing up in the middle of their workout.

  16. .5 mi. DDH pool is definitely a primordial ooze…

  17. Mine was 1400 yards, not 1500.

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