Twenty Seven

February 27, 2009


  1. 1100 at NRMS at lunch time!

  2. 1100 at MVP today. A sense of accomplishment was creeping knowing there is ONLY ONE MORE DAY!!

    GREAT job everyone!!

  3. 1000 meters at MVP

  4. 1100 at EK.

    Part of me is excited there is only one more day, however I’m really hoping to continue a regualar schedule. Anyone interested, let me know.

  5. 1500 yards at the Visser.

  6. 1200 yards with Adam at the DDHY after work.

  7. 1200M @ MAC at 6:30pm.

    Not easy to get out today — very tired from yesterday specifically and this week in general but I was very pleased because on a different day, in a week that wasn’t part of Feb Swim Challenge… I would have skipped.

    Tonight, I was the only one in the pool.

    Matt — I will continue swimming prob. M/W/F at EGR HS if you’re interested.

    JR — my email is jcrowley@gohighlandgroup.com — let’s connect about swim lessons.

    ALL — I would LOVE to meet you in person. If you’re available… please come by my office open house Thursday, March 5 from 4 – 8 pm at 645 Cherry St. Yesterdog is catering!

  8. 950 yds at DDH Y. One day left is all I am thinking about. That and not smelling like chlorine all the time.

  9. 900 yards at HAC.

  10. 1/2 mile, pretty pooped at this point. Ran into Rudy as I was getting out of the pool.

  11. 3200 yards at ddhy after work.

  12. 1800 yards at the DDH YMCA Ces(pool)
    Saw Brad, I am digging the mutton chops

  13. 1200 yards with Andy at the DDHY after work. Special thanks to Dave Leggett for saving me the $10 fee! I didn’t know I couldn’t come more than twice a year, I just thought I couldn’t visit twice with the same person in a year… weird.

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