February 28, 2009

You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things – to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals.
Edmund Hillary



  1. 900 yards at NRMS this morning! I agree with the others, I have enjoyed the challenge! I was swimming 2-3 times a week before it started and it definitely increased my effort. Next year I will have to wrap my head around the fact that the pool I swim is is closed for 4 days every Feb. for mid-winter break so I will have to be ready for more effort (and time) on those days. I will continue 3-5 times a week for now too.
    It would be fun to meet all of you in person, I am going to try to take Jen up on her invite this Thursday!

  2. 900 yards at HAC. I am done! Fried! Ready to do more running and biking. See you all at Bostwick Lake Tri.

  3. 2650 at DDHY – Finished the swim and canceled my Y membership on the way out. Planning to swim at EK and EGR going forward.

    Aside from the chlorine and soreness in the arms, one thing I will not miss is putting a damp frozen swimsuite on that I forgot to take out of the car overnight. Today was one of the worst, wow was it cold.

    Seems I recal a post about getting together after one more swim Sunday at EK tomorrow. I’m up for another swim if this is still on.

  4. That’s a Wrap! 950yds at DDH today. I will not miss the pool, but I won’t be a stranger anymore as well. Today I will bring my poor bathsuit home to recover. It has taken some serious abuse over the last month, and lost almost all of its original color. I cannot wait to smell like something other than chlorine. Thanks Bob for getting me into this. I truely didn’t think that it was going to be this difficult, not only the swimming part but also the dedication and setting time aside to get into the pool. That has probably been the most difficult part. Thanks for the challenge Rudy and creating this blog site.

  5. one last swim at the Visser this morning for 1000 yards giving me a total of 35,300 yards. I’m glad it’s over this last swim was a little painful I had a sharp pain in my left shoulder with every extension. Don’t think I would have been able to do another day.
    It’s been fun though, my skin is so dry it’s going to take a few weeks to get back. But my shoulders and arms are feeling a lot stronger then they had.

  6. two thousand yards freestyle (Australian Crawl) at the David D. Hunting Young Men’s Christian Association @ 2:20 p.m.

    Congrats to all on your hard work and perserverance!

  7. I ran 20 miles with Perry this morning and it was all I could do to crank out a final 1800 yards. While I am glad its over, I will miss swimming this much.

    Congrats on everyone that finished. I will create a followup post tomorrow. I would like to have you tally up your yardage and how many days you completed. Kinda give a summary of how you felt, what you thought, etc.

    I hope you will consider participating next year, but its too early to talk about that. I hope you will take Jen Crowley up on her open house invite March 5th.

  8. WOOHOO! Congrats EVERYONE! 🙂 Job well done.

    I skipped up the stairs of the DH Warm Warm Pool in Northport, MI this AM. It was a balmy 6 degrees on the way there! But, not to worry – this 2 lane pool was 86 degrees. Megan came along – made her appearance on this year’s challenge and we finished out 1500! I’ll post some pictures of the pool – you’ll find it quite funny.

    It’s a GREAT feeling to be done. Thanks again Rudy for setting this up and for being a great cheerleader for everyone!

  9. 2200 yards with Matt & Andy. Y membership for 15 more days so i’m going to use that as much as I can them probably swim at Byron Center & EK.

  10. 1000M at MAC.
    I will miss swimming every day and miss posting about it — it gave me a sense of community that was very helpful. Funny, considering I really haven’t most of you!

    I even went to Gazelle to color in the rest of my lines today.

    Rudy: I loved the quotes and questions on this blog. THANK YOU for all your work, and for encouraging me to participate. It rocked!

    And, yes, everyone a reminder: THURSDAY, MARCH 5 4-8 PM. Open house at my office (and Rudy’s!) 645 Cherry — Yesterdog is catering!

  11. Saw Rudy today as I was leaving EK, so I know he made it, even though I don’t know how after he ran that 20 miles. Which I also saw him finish….Dude you’re really a STUD. I swam 3000 yards today. And just for the record I will be swimming tomorrow. Anyone joining? 3:00pm EK

  12. 2600 yards to wrap it all up…it was a fun month…see ya all next year!

  13. 1050 meters at MVP with my littlest fella. Krister made it 300 meters – which was both delightful and surprising. =)

  14. Swam 1700 at EK this afternoon. It is a pretty nice set-up there. Ohhhh! WIDE LANES so luxurious!!

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