Wrap Up

March 1, 2009

I saw that Troy added his yardage, but I wanted to give you  all a place to post your totals for the month.  I did this the first year, but it was a hassle (for me) to add up the yards and convert the meters, and figure out how many days each of you swam.  I trust you to post the correct details  🙂

So lets hear it, how many yards did you swim?  Did you make all 28 days?

Also, don’t forget to log your mileage at the Gazelle Sports.  If you made all 28 days, I will send out details on how to collect your booty (yeah, I said it – you giggled, I know you did)



  1. My summary:
    28 days straight
    48,600 yards – which is 1735.71 yards per day average

    A mile is 1760 yards, so I was just shy of a mile per day. This just KILLS me!
    but after yesterdays run, it would have been an additional 700 yards and I don’t think I had 14 more laps in me. If I had know I was that close, maybe I would have.

    My goad next year is to average 2000 yards per day

  2. 28 days – still planning to swim today yet
    46,914 – for an average of 1,676

    The last week dropped my average.

    Next years goal? 2001, just to better Rudy. I can’t have a guy who runs 20 miles before swim practice out swim me.

    Once again, nice job everyone. It was fun. And thanks again Rudy for another year of the blog.

  3. 18 days
    19,000 yards, 1105.55 average per day I swam

    I enjoyed it, thanks to all of you for inspiring me. See you next year February 2010!

    Thanks Rudy for the blog!

  4. 28 days
    42,250 yards and an average of 1508.9 yards a day. Thats 3 years in a row, looking forward to year number 4!

  5. 28 LOOONG days
    35,300 yards with and average of 1260.714285 yards per day and a total amount of time spent of 11 hours and 47 minutes giving me an average of 1 minutes and .0014 seconds per lap and 25.25 minutes per day spent in chlorine and god knows what else in that water. I think I seen some poo at the DDH one day.

    Yeah I know, I’m anal, but I’m lovable because of it. 🙂

    I’m already planing to do it again next year, my “goal” this year was to average 1000 per day, I beat that so maybe next year I’ll go for like 1500 per day and see if I can beat that.

    Thanks Rudy, it’s been fun.

  6. Oh and don’t forget, Amy started late and she’s still going. She still needs our support.

  7. I’m so proud of you Rudy: grateful that you are a quiet but strong force that is good at pulling people together. Thank you for all your hard work – in the middle of the rest of your life. Thank you for finding quotes and for waking up early most days to try to get the blog going for the day. I’m really grateful to know you and be a part of your life.

    And it’s been very good to get to know you all through this blog! My favorites were the days where Rudy asked us questions – or we posed a few of our own – and we talked back and forth. And it’s been amusing listening to Troy’s math, among other things. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday night Jen….and perhaps some of the rest of you who I could not pick out in the grocery store (but I know your swim habits)!

    28 days straight.
    30,732 yards total.
    Average daily yards: 1098 (that’s the math…I know that doesn’t really make “sense”)
    No hair or skin damage that I can feel: thanks to pre-swim oil spray in my hair, immediate showers after (even if there was no hot water – ugh!), good conditioner and lots of creams and lotion.

    ALL PERSONAL GOALS ACCOMPLISHED!!!! =D Thanks for the support!

    See you next year!

  8. 41,100 yards total
    1468 yards average.

    I’m lower than last years average for myself but I think the difference this year is I will continue to try to swim more after this.
    I definitely can’t wait to get out and start riding the bike though.

    Thanks again Rudy for organizing this!

  9. 28 straight days
    35,400 yards/meters
    1264 / day

    The last week really dropped my average but I kept remembering Rebecca’s entry from earlier in the month: the goal is to swim EVERY DAY not to accumulate the most distance. (Thank you, Rebecca!)

    My hair is not as bad as i imagined it might be.
    I loved it — it gave me a sense of purpose to my workouts.
    “Ritual is routine infused with mindfulness. It is habit made holy.”

    — JC

    P.S. I know they are not equal but I’ll let Troy parse my workout log for meters vs. yards — to me they are equal-ish enough for this entry.

    Hope to see you at the open house!

  10. Jen whay is this “open house”? What’s it for?

  11. We are having an open house at Highland Group, my company, because we moved into a new building recently.

    We moved in November and haven’t had an “official” welcoming event for friends and family.

    Come by for Yesterday and a variety of beverages, including the adult kind.

    4 – 8 pm TODAY, March 5, 2009.


  12. 26 days… I missed the 6th and 7th because I was in Flint for school…

    40,750 yards
    1,567 yards per day average

    Thank you for setting this all up. It really is a fun time.

  13. “including the adult kind”

    I’m there….. 🙂

  14. crap, not going to make it. I got out of work late. 😦

  15. @30k, thanks yet again Rudy for all your efforts to make this possible.

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