Gear Up for 2010

January 5, 2010

We’re getting things warmed up for 2010 over here at the February Swim Challenge offices.

One issue last year was the availability of a pool.  The YMCA has agreed to offer program pass for any of their pools for the month of February.  You would then only need to show your photo ID at the desk to gain access to the facility to swim.

The cost would be $56 for the month and you would be able to go to any branch to complete the swim.

Remember anyone is welcome to participate, and there is no cost.  We just ask you to blog your swim daily and try to encourage each other.

Gazelle Sports has also offered a $15 gift certificate to be raffled off

More details to follow soon!



  1. Can’t wait…noticed you swam “uphill” today.

    Been swimming with the EK team, when did you go over there today?

  2. I’m in again this year.

  3. Cant wait…what a great deal as well, i had called them trying to get a deal for us as well, but that should be perfect!!

  4. Hey ya’ll. Looking forward to it! I have a question about the Y membership, do we need a secret handshake or something to get the deal? Honest question, if we just mention that we are doing the swim challenge can we get a membership for $56 just for February? Is that just for the pool or is it a full membership just for the month? Please let me know. Thanks.

    • my guess would be that it’s a full membership because once you’re in you’re in. No one knows different.

      • Thanks Troy. I will ask when I go on the first day. I just don’t want to burn any bridges for the rest of us…

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