2 Weeks Out!

January 18, 2010
Greeting Swimmers!
A new year is upon us and February is 2 weeks away!
This is our fourth year – and the program is simple and still free!  Swim a minimum of a half mile at your preferred swimming hole, every day of February.  For some, the distance or every-day discipline is the challenge.  Others try to push the distance (JR & Phil!) or work on technique like flip turns (Jen!) and bilateral breathing.
Last year some of us had difficulty with access to a pool.  So, the YMCA (thanks to Dave Leggett) has created a program for us.  For $56, you will have access to any YMCA pool during open swim hours for the month.
I would like to do a kickoff breakfast again.  We could meet at the downtown YMCA pool for a swim at 5:30am and then next door at Big Boy at 6:30am
Invite your friends – post your name to the new 2010 blog post to “sign up”, let me know who is planning to use the YMCA program and if you plan to come to the kickoff.
If you don’t feel like a swimmer when you start, you will certainly feel like one when you finish!
Questions? Did I miss something?  let me know.
I hope you’ve had a great off-season and are ready to kick things off.
P.S. We will have a few surprises throughout the program again this year.


  1. Im in again…not sure about breakfast yet, but ill be using the Y pools. How do we pay for it and what not? just the first time we stop in? Cash, CC?

  2. For the YMCA deal, please email your first/last name, address, phone number, email, birth date, emergency contact number to Dave Leggett – dleggett@grymca.org

    You would then pay the first time you went in – they accept everything but pop bottles and food stamps

  3. I’m in but I will have to start the first two days in Miami. I will see about making it an open water swim. 🙂

  4. I’m in! Thankful for the YMCA pool pass..thanks, Dave!

  5. Count me in again. Thank you Dave for the Y deal and Rudy once again for organizing this. I’ll see some of you day one at 5:30.

  6. I’m in, Feb 1st is the first day after my cleanse is done so I can’t wait!

  7. are you talking about your colon?

  8. What if you are not a “swimmer?” I can swim, but sometimes not in a straight line, and have no idea how to do a flip turn. Also, how do we keep track of going everyday, the honor system?

  9. No!!! Detox diet cleanse.

  10. I’m in again! I’ll be swimming at the Mac, but will come to the kickoff breakfast. Rudy and I are using the hashtag #febswim on twitter if you want to join in the conversation there.

  11. I’m in, too.
    Dawn, it’s the honor system and it doesn’t matter if you can do a flip turn or not. TRUST ME.

    Heather, I don’t think we’ve met but I’ll be swimming at the MAC and EGR high school. Maybe we can meet some day and swim together!

  12. I’m in…early mornings and lukewarm showers here I come!

  13. I’m in =)

    Dawn – my favorite thing about this is somehow it truly is cooperative and not (really) competitive…and it’s still sporty. 😉 You’re perfect for the challenge!

    It is my intention to avoid the Y, but will let you know.

  14. if i want the y discount, am i supposed to comment on this or the previous post? either way, i’m in!

  15. If you are interested in the YMCA deal, you need to send your name, address, DOB and emergency contact info to Dave Leggett at the YMCA – We are a week away!

  16. Hi-I heard about this challenge after spraining my ankle while running last week. I would love to try it since I also swim, but there will be a couple days where I will be out of town and not sure if I will have access to a pool. Would it be ok to swim longer distances to “make up” the lost days? If so, I’m in! Let me know…thanks!

  17. I’m in again this year. I am going to be swimming at the downtown Y. My GF is not looking forward to me smelling like chlorine for a month…

  18. Just read about this challenge and would love to try it. Will be swimming at the MAC and I am very interested in working out with someone.
    Does this comment count as the sign-up or how does this work ??

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