Day One

February 1, 2010

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Here are the people I have so far, if I missed you please point it out in this post after you post your workout. 27 – the most ever.

I will keep a spreadsheet and post weekly results of yardage and days in the pool.

Remember, this is NOT a contest for the longest distance and not a race but “the courage to continue” – the discipline to get in the pool every day.

Sara Maher
Jen Crowley
Perry DeYoung
Matt Clarin
Lydia Stubbs
Lori Knorr
Adam Keith
Amy Rempalski
Rudy Malmquist (me)
Rebecca Malmquist (my beautiful wife)
Keaton Dilly
Heather Kaweck
Pat Clarin
Tom Dowd
JR VanderWall
Andy VanDusen
Bob Karel
Pam Schwallier
Pete Schwallier
Betsy VanderKodde
Phil Jones
Uma Mishra
Denise Cheng
David Leggett
Tom Mulligan
Miriam Slager
Ronson Dykstra



  1. 1000 fun yards at Downtown Y. Looking forward to a great swim challenge. Oh yeah Rudy please add me to your list.

  2. What a great turnout this morning at the YMCA pool – and at breakfast. Good to meet you Miriam, Lydia & Amy

    1500 yards today – I hope to average 2000 yards per day but I gotta start easy. This is my second time in the pool since Feb 28th last year.

  3. Great to see everyone this morning! Makes getting up at 5am a little bit easier when you know others are right there with you.

    I did 1300 today. Trying to “ease” into it (learned that the hard way the last couple of years).

  4. 3100 at the Downtown YMCA as a $10 “guest pass”. East Kentwood HS from here on out.

    Great to see everyone and good to have a laxative from Big Boy to start the week.


  5. I’m not in this year. Life is just to busy and now on top of my busy life the wife has me installing new floors thru the whole dang house.
    Good luck to you all and I look forward to hearing how it goes for you all.

  6. Hi! I thought my friend signed me up for this, but I guess not, since I’m not on the list. I swam my 1/2 mile this morning! Can I still get in?

    • Lori – you are IN! Glad to see you here. Where are you swimming?

      • I’m swimming at the downtown YMCA with Uma, Denise, and Miriam (we’re trying to hold each other accountable!). 1 down, 27 to go!

  7. Did 18 laps at the downtown Y bright and early this morning with Miriam, Lori, and Denise. Does anyone know the actual yardage a the Downtown Y?

    Yeah for day 1!!

    • It’s a 25 yard pool so 50 yards per lap giving you 900 yards or .545454 miles. 🙂

      • Thanks Troy!

  8. 1300 at the MAC this afternoon, with a timed 1000 at just under 21 minutes. I thought I would be faster than that, so there’s one goal for the month. Other goals include more breathing and less panicking.

    Great start to the month! It was wonderful meeting several of you this morning, and worth getting out of bed so early for 🙂

  9. 1200 yards this morning at the downtown Y. Not sure is it the swimming or that fact that I was up at 4:30 but I’m ready for a nap.

  10. You guys are intimidating! But it’s on anyways. Started yesterday with the first swim in awhile. Keeping my results to myself for awhile (proud keeper of a fragile ego). Weights and endurance today.

    • Tom – don’t be intimidated. This challenge is not about how far you swim, its about getting in the pool every day this month, and you did that today. Great job!

    • Seriously Tom! Of all people – you HAVE to be a better swimmer than ME! It is really only about getting in the pool every single day in February for at least a half mile.

      I’m excited for you to be let in on the secret that those of us that have completed this challenge successfully already know: there is something really cool that happens as each day passes that is beyond simply having a toned torso and superior breathing….you’ll see!

  11. 1000 yards at the DDH YMCA this afternoon: had a lane to myself! Yeah!

    And I had to giggle Sara, because I thought the same thing: I could do more, but I know better than that from my past experience….I’m easing into it this year!

    • Rebecca-you mentioned something about spraying oil in your hair prior to swimming. Dumb question, but what kind of oil? I might want to try that especially since my hair is pretty dry in the first place!

      • Either olive oil or Lanolin (you can find that kind in the baby aisle for breast feeding moms….see – weird!)

    • Yes, we do know better 🙂 I hope i get to swim with you soon…

  12. I swam 1900M at the MAC this morning, then joined up for the late part of the breakfast kickoff.

    • Also.. I highly recommend a cheerful bright polish on your toenails (for those of you so inclined…) Really helps brighten the cold Feb mornings. 😉

      • And please: shave!


  13. First day was rough, but finally made it to the pool. Nothing like the lingering smell of chlorine to start off your day…

  14. 1500m from Oregon-I got sidetracked off my usual 2150 workout

  15. I did 1300 yards today and feel pretty awesome. I seen some sweet flip turns and hope to eventually be able to do them again!

    One other thing-today was the first time I was able to wear my Zoomer fins and my ankle did not hurt! So the ankle is definitely healing!

    I am also still feeling the sugar effects from my strawberry covered pancakes this morning 🙂

  16. I did 1300 yards at the MAC this afternoon. Was great to meet some of you. Keep on swimming!

    • Good for you! Hope your ankle continues healing! It was nice to meet you at breakfast.

  17. Bare minimum half mile here! 900 yards! (after my first day of student teaching, so I consider it a success!)

  18. I completed the minimum 18 laps tonight at DDH pool. Sorry I missed you all this morning, but there was no way I was gettting up that early to swim, or anything else for that matter. More power to you all.

  19. My husband and I made it to the downtown Y tonight! I did 33 laps and he did 16… off to a good start!

  20. Hi Everyone,
    I’m Dan Rupke, friend of Perry De Young (who let me know about the challenge). My wife Lynda and I signed up at the downtown Y after work tonight, and both did 18 laps. It’s been a while since we swam, but it felt GREAT!…I’ll see how I feel in the AM. Looking forward to 27 more just like it.
    Thanks for letting me know Perry!

  21. hi, my name is Jenny Scott, Matt told me about this challenge and i like challenges but also like sleeping and i’m pretty sure come tomorrow morning i’ll be too lazy to cotinue with it, but since today is day one, i did 38 laps, can that count for tomorrow too? it’s groundhog day so it should…hehe, thanks…also, I’m swimming over at MVP on east paris if anybody else is out that way, i’m the one flopping around in the water

    • Good to see you made it.

  22. I was up at 5:30 this morning, but decided to have a cup of coffee in bed instead. I hit the downtown pool tonight. I haven’t been in the pool in a while and was happy I was able to still swim a half mile.

    My arms are going to be hurting for a few days, but now that I’ve started, I’m committed to completing the goal. Thanks, Perry, for sharing the challenge!

  23. I am just signing up. I was at breakfast this morning but did not get to the pool until tonight. Swam 1050 tonight with Terence Reuben who I don’t think has signed up yet either.

    Have a great swim tomorrow!!!

  24. 2000 yards at the HAC. A few more days and then the scales will begin to form.


  25. 1100 yards at downtown Y. I actually found my tinted Nike contacts so I was able to see the wall before running into it, however I do look like the devil with those in.

  26. 1050 after sleeping in. Great to see the turnout. Looking forward to the days ahead.

  27. 1200 yards at the DDHY, half was done with Pat. Got to ease back into this

  28. 900 yards w/lori knorr, miriam slager and uma mishra at 5:30am. too early!


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