Day Two

February 2, 2010

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” Henry David Thoreau

Please be sure to take time to individually post your workout to the blog by commenting on each daily post.  I am keeping a tally and its easier for me to keep track individually rather than a group posting.



  1. 3200 this AM

  2. 1200 this AM at the MAC.
    And I lifted weights for 45 minutes before-hand.
    Day two in the books… hooray!

  3. Another 900 at 6am at the downtown Y. Encouraging to see a lot of others there that early.

    • Dan, it’s great to see that you and Lynda decided to join us for this challenge. You never know what you’re going to find at Costco.

  4. 6AM – 1350 this morning at DDH YMCA. A lot less busy today than it was yesterday! I saw JR there – who is “not swimming at the Y”.

  5. 500 and weights this am.

  6. A slow and steady 1500 at the MAC this afternoon with bilateral breathing the whole time It’s only day two and I can already tell much my swimming is going to improve this month!

  7. 900 meters at the Forest Hills Pool. Feels good to get into a routine.

  8. 2000 yards at Zeeland HS pool. 2 down 26 to go….


  9. 1750 on a rare sunny day in February in OR

  10. 900 at DDH YMCA with Denise Cheng, and then we ran 2 miles!

  11. Jen Crowley roped me in. I managed 700 yesterday and 1000m today at the Forest Hills Pool. 2 down 26 to go!!

    • Yea, Blair! Way to go! Especially since I know you’re super-busy at work this week.

  12. Dave from the Y said we are allowed to use the Byron Center pool as well for those of you who would like.

  13. 1000 yards this afternoon at GRCC…

  14. 900 today at DDH. Byron Center pool is available to YMCA members as well as those who purchased the swim challenge program card. Since we don’t own the pool, just program it, if you run into any trouble out there let me know so I can connect with the appropriate people.

  15. Up at 4:30 again, 1200m (1312 yards) at the SE Y before my drive to Chicago.

  16. 900 yards w/lori knorr. 7:30 this time.


  17. 2100 yards at the DDH YMCA today just before their swim meet

  18. 2000 yards at the downtown Y at 3:30 today!

  19. I did 1100 yards, but that was after a walk/jog of 2 miles.

  20. 900 yards at EHAC this evening with Gabriele

    • Could you please ask Gabriele to blog her yards, I would hate to miss her workout in the log 🙂

  21. managed to barely get in the minimum 900, after 22 miles bike and 6 mile run

  22. 1000 yards at DDH YMCA this afternoon. I had the pool to myself!

  23. 900 and a couple more with Miriam Slager at the Grandville Y tonight! Bright and early with the ladies at 0730 downtown!

  24. 1200 yards at the small pool at downtown Y.

    • YUCK!

  25. 850 yards at the Grandville YMCA. I remember this being easier than the effort this took today.

  26. 1200 yards in the small pool at the DDHY

  27. 900 yds again!

    • (I forgot to post that yesterday…)

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