Day Three

February 3, 2010

“Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Liane Cardes



  1. 3000 at East Kentwood. Matt Clarin was there as well. Love that pool.

  2. 2300 at the MAC this morning. Had to move lanes mid-workout to accommodate the water aerobics ladies.

    Rudy — love the quote today. Although your might want to re-post it sometime around the 12th, or again in the 3rd week, when dedication starts to wane. 😉

  3. Woman at pool: “Can I share a lane? It is really busy this week for some reason!” 🙂

    1500 at DDH this morning. Feeling motivated at this point, let’s hope it continues. Good job everyone!

  4. 1000 yards this morning with the ladies. It was tough today but done and on the other side. Whew!

  5. 1000 yards! Woot!!

    • Lori, did you use to teach art classes at the Grandville Avenue Arts Academy? your name sounds familiar

      • Yes, and I still do! Jenny that worked at the desk with the cute puppy??? I wondered what happened to you! How are you??

      • cute puppy? haha no, you must have me confused..my dog Pedro is the devil and far from cute…haha..jk, i’m just training for some tri’s and swimming’s my least favorite so this challenge is a good way to make me do it, i should stop by the arts academy to say hi to everybody soon,

  6. A quick 1200 at the MAC this morning. It’s only day 3 and I’m already starting to get a little tired…

  7. 1000 yards with the ladies!


  8. 2000 yards at HAC. So far so good….now time to take the yardage up.

  9. 1000 pull breathing drills today at Visser Y. Total time 16 minutes. I really don’t like Visser’s pool!

  10. add another 1500

  11. Completed 900 yards today. Felt like a brick with an anchor down…blah

    • @ GRCC pool…

  12. 1000 yards just now at the MAC — Happy Swimming!

  13. Did 1800 yards today-the swim-kick-pull-swim sequences kept things interesting.

  14. 1100 at DDH YMCA. Busy this afternoon!

  15. 1800 Yards at the DDH YMCA after a quick 5 miler through the West Side

    What a long day!

  16. Missed yesterday because I was traveling all day back from South Beach Miami. Na Na NaNaNa! Got 800m in at lunch @ Forest Hills Aquatic Center. Feeling slower than my already slow pace and no gas in the tank. Must of had too much fun in SOUTH BEACH MIAMI 😛

  17. Swam 800 yesterday with Lydia but did not post it. Just finished swim today – 1100.

  18. 35 laps today at the downtown Y (That’s a mile, right?)

  19. Jen Crowley encouraged me to give this a try. I’m three days into it. I’ve swam at MVP Sportsplex every afternoon after work this week. I need to keep going.

    • Rick, can you let me know what your yardage was for the first 3 days this month?


  20. 2000 at DDH after work

  21. 900 yards again today! I am always so tired when I get there that all I want to do is nap, but I know once I’m done it will feel better. I should add 2 laps just to say I did 1000 someday since that number looks so much bigger than my 900… You guys are a motivating group!

  22. 2100 at MVP tonight, gotta go in the morning tomorrow, probably shoulda stayed over there and slept in the sauna

  23. 2000 yards at Xsport in Chicago on North Street. Busy place and the first time for me swimming in a saline pool.

    • How was it?

  24. 900 at DDH tonight before we closed. I feel better than I did last year at this time, but that isn’t saying much. One of these days I need to learn how to swim.

  25. Forgot to post my 900 at downtown Y for Wednesday.

  26. 1000 yards at EK, swam about 100 yards with JR before he lost me in his wake.

  27. 1600 yards at the DDHY with Pat.

  28. I swam 800 yards at polo practice. I haven’t swam in the last couple days because I am in a glass box of emotion. I feel like I am ready to return to life now.

  29. 1000 meters today- felt great!

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