Day Four

February 4, 2010

Ability is what you are capable of doing.
Motivation determines what you do.
Attitude determines how well you do it.
Lou Holtz



  1. 1,800 yards at Forest Hills Aquatic center. No lane lines and a good number of people makes for a wave pool. Good pool for this daily swim as they change it from yards in the morning to meters at lunch.

  2. just the 900 this morning for me since i was running late and had to get to work

  3. 1000 for me this morning after a few laps on the track at DDH. Pool was pretty “light” on swimmers and the old man – the one who does spelling with the lifeguards was in there swimming along 🙂 (Always makes me smile!)

  4. 2300 at the MAC.
    BIG DAY for me!
    1) This morning, I swam with the FINS peeps for the first time. It felt like swimming with the “big kids”! The guy who runs the program, Dave, is also my son’s swim teacher and he gave me a few pointers. Like… you know the pull segments in a workout? I always loved those. Do you know why? Because I was doing them wrong!! Now I know how to do them the right way, which is about 100% harder but also cut about 12 seconds of my 100Y time.


    All in all, a great day.
    I ❤ Cl.

    • This is huge! Strong work, Jen! I always feel like I’ll be a “real swimmer” when I can make it through that workout. Congrats! 🙂

  5. Just finished another 1000 at the MAC.

  6. 2 laps shy of my first half mile of this challenge and I got booted by the someone in the senior Aquarobics class. Seniors seem to be a bit territorial about their pool time. 770.

  7. 3000 yards at HAC…Oh man, I was feeling fatigued today.

  8. Just had my best swim in 4 years! 200m warm up rest 60 seconds and busted out a 1200m NO BREAKS! I have been struggling and struggling for months with staying oxyidative and not running out of gas after 100m. I found my sweet spot today and just motored through. What an awesome feeling!
    1400m total for today!

  9. 3300 at the EK Aquatic Center. I think that my caloric intake this week has increased equal to my yardage. Always hungry!

  10. 1000 yards today at the downtown Y and GRCC combined

  11. Congrat’s to all of you who are swimming well and achieving new goals. I am just happy to get in 900 today. Hopefully in days to come I might even exceed the ‘triple’ digit yardages I usually do and see what 1000+yds does for me. Until then…

  12. I did 1000 at the DDH this morning, after struggling with walking/jogging 2.5 miles. It took me 45 minutes to jog/walk 2.5 miles, but 20 minutes to do 1000 yard swim. At least my self esteem is somewhat restored…:)

  13. 2250 today. I agree…some of those seniors can be really territorial! I just keep reminding myself I’m just glad they’re doing something. I’m always hungry too, but probably because I’m adding this in addition to my usual workouts.

    quote of the day (from one of the senior ladies) “I’m not giving up my wine just to look cute…that’s why I’m doing this damn class!”

  14. 1100 at DDH YMCA this afternoon….a lane all to myself again! Yippee!!

  15. A slow and tired 1000 at the MAC tonight. I ran pre-swim tonight, which made my run feel amazing but my swim feel torturous.

    Happy Day Four!!

  16. 1000 at Downtown Y tonight with Miriam, Lori, and Denise. Not gonna lie…was tired today and felt sluggish. Onward we go!

  17. I got 1500 yards in before I was booted (5 minutes early) by the elder aerobics – was so pissed, the rest of the pool had 2-3 people per lane, so I left.

    What time is Matlock on again? Might try to swim during that tomorrow.

    • I always get my revenge by peeing just before I get out.

  18. just 900 today, squeezing it in before East Hills closed.

  19. Swam 1,000 yards at DDHY tonight after I ran 5 miles. Splendid.

  20. 1000 at the DDHY with the ladies, after a 1.5 mile run with Denise. Feeling great!

  21. I keep forgetting to post the day of the swim. Another 900 around 6pm at the downtown Y.

  22. 1200yard at the Rockford High School Pool after Rockford beat West Ottawa, Go Rams!

  23. 1500 yards at Xsport in Chicago. Swam late afternoon before my drive home and had a lane to myself

  24. 1100 at Byron Center pool yesterday. I thought I submitted it yesterday but I guess it didnt’ go through.

  25. Just going through to see if I posted on everyday. I feel bad for taking day 4 off…

  26. this is a late post- discovered i missed this during my february audit. 1000 m at the forest hills pool,

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