Day Five

February 5, 2010

The greatest pleasure in life, is doing the things people say we cannot do.
Walter Bagehot



  1. An early 3300 at EK again this morning.

  2. 1200 yards at the DDHY this morning

  3. Whew…1000 yards at DDH this morning. Feeling tired…

  4. 1100 at DDH Y for me this morning after dragging myself out of bed! Keep up the good work everyone – and Happy Friday 🙂

    Jen – you need to share the secret of the pull buoy…

  5. 1600 @ MAC this morning.
    Ran into Simone again and two of my neighbors were working out — one shared a pool lane with me. I can say that the peeps of Briarwood were representin’!
    Lifted weights beforehand.

    Sara, the Secret of the Pull Buoy is how hard your arms have to work pulling through the whole stroke. I will try to show you on land next time we see each other.

  6. 1500 yard lunch time swim at GRCC.

  7. I did 1300 at the DDH Y this morning.

  8. 1100 at DDH YMCA. When/where are you all swimming tomorrow? It might be fun to go get a Dam Sandwich afterword…..

    • 🙂

  9. off day…unless I can get to the pool tonight sometime. I’ll make it up tomorrow:)

  10. 1000 at the MAC this morning.

  11. 1800 yards at the DDY YMCA – new goggles are the best! Blue tint and these are a bit more magnified than the last pair. I almost ran into the wall a few times.

  12. 1650m at lunch FHAC feels so good to finally have cracked my plateau! I am adding meters every day.

  13. 2000 yards at HAC.

  14. Took yesterday off, but bought some new goggles which were fantastic (the best part is that they are kids!) Then today swam another 900 🙂

  15. 1000 yards just now at DDHY after running a little more than 3 miles.

  16. Just finished 1000 at DDH Y…remembered to post the same day this time.

  17. This evening 1250 yards at EHAC with Gabriele.

    • Hope your ankle is doing well!

  18. put in 1200 yards this afternoon at the Downtown Y

  19. 950 today at DDH. Somehow my mind got lost and I actually did an extra lap. Who would have thunk it that I could actually do more than 900 a day. I must say I am doing/feeling better than last year, but it is only 5 days in.

    • I triple double dog dare you to put in another 50 – and POSITIVE that you could do it!

  20. barely made 700 yards today at DDH Y- swim team practice cut it short.

    • Today being Friday.

  21. Only 400yds back was just too sore

  22. Swam 1300 wiht Lydia at East Hills

  23. 1500 yards during lunch at Byron Center.

  24. 2200 meters at Forest Hills

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