Day Six

February 6, 2010

“H2O – 2 Parts Heart and 1 Part Obsession”

Remember to post your workouts individually and remember that this challenge is perfect in its simplicity.  Swim.  Everyday.

I will post the weekly totals after Sunday – but after four days, we have covered 103,000 yards as a group, almost 60 miles.



  1. Threw my back out last night. Taking some muscle relaxers and pain reliever. Going to try to swim 2000m later today, we’ll see…

    • Muscle relaxers and swimming are a great pair. (NOT) Maybe slam a beer or two before you get in the water – flirting with disaster, just your style

      • I know the heart is a muscle too! I times it so the it wears off by the time in get in the pool.

      • Take a buddy!

      • ooops posted on the wrong day, only 400yds today my back was just too sore but at least I got in the pool. Taking Sunday off.

  2. Hi there!
    I have been doing the challenge, though I was not sure how to sign up.
    Today I swam 1000yds. Yesterday, 2200. Thursday: 900. Wednesday, 900. Tuesday 900. Monday 1200.
    I met Jen in the pool at the MAC. I love knowing there are other people trying to keep up with this somewhat crazy routine.
    Look forward to more.


  3. 1100 yards today at DDH Y. I now have two pool memberships to keep up with this madness. Six days straight- the rust is just about gone and looking forward to adding more yards/meters next week.

    • Madness is the way you like things, right?

      • only in short doses—–

  4. I did 800 yards today due to a severe time constraint. I will hopefully make up some yardage tomorrow.

  5. 2600 yds today at the downtown Y… I wasn’t feeling well the last 2 days and didn’t swim so I had to make up a little today! 🙂

  6. 880 at East Hills. First half mile in the books. Cue Rocky theme.

    • 880? Nice job, but how did you not swim the last 20 yards? 🙂

  7. 1000 yards…after an hour of spin and 90 minutes of yoga. Nap, please.

  8. Ran 7 miles this AM. Just finished 1000 yards at DDHY. I deserve a beer, too bad I quit drinking!

  9. 1600 yards at the downtown YMCA after a great 10 mile run. I love sunny Saturdays!

  10. 1500 at the MAC after a 6 mile run(and a nap!) this morning.

    Just like blair, I feel the rust starting to come off.

    And just like Adam, I deserve a beer!

    • Yes Heather…sending a beer your way! You rock lady! xo

  11. put in 1000+ yards this afternoon at the downtown Y after a long run…fun stuff

  12. 1050 yards today…I broke 1000! Yeah! I am counting the small victories via a Red Stripe and some homemade pizza. What an awesome and inspiring group of people.

    • Congratulations!!!!! =) Woot!

      • Thanks Rebecca!

  13. 1200 at DDH YMCA – most excellent to see you on the way in Sara, and you on the way out Dave – and you all through the middle Terrence! =)

  14. 1000 at the MAC this evening. It’s been a great week.

  15. 1000 at DDH today – after a brutal 10 mile hill run. Loved having the sun coming in through the windows! It was tough though – good job everyone for sticking with it.

    Good to see you too, Rebecca. Too bad we didn’t time that just a tad differently – we could have actually swam together. 🙂

  16. 3008 yards. Yes, make sure you count that extra 8. I was officiating a college water polo tournament all day and the width of the Jenison pool made up the difference in my swim.

    Keep it up y’all!


  17. 1200 yards at DDH YMCA after a 10.5 mile run with Rudy and Keaton

  18. 2100 yards at the DDHY this afternoon.

  19. 2000 yards at HAC after a 2 hour bike ride at CCC.

  20. ran 3.6 miles and followed it up with my best swim yet! 900 yards and only used the kickboard for two laps and the pull buoy for one!

  21. 2600 at the MAC.

  22. 900 yds today. Nice to see you Rebecca and Terrance. Forgot to enter my swim before heading out for a weekend camping trip. Just got back.

  23. Swam 900 today and learned a lot about forgetting goggles (see Sunday).

  24. Forgot to post over the wknd. Another 900 at downtown Y.

  25. 1504 yards, same reason as JR, just half as much.

  26. 900 yards at EK

    500 swim
    30 minutes of water babies
    400 yards
    kicked out because no lifeguard

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