Day Seven

February 7, 2010

Swimming: From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.

Finish week one strong! Excellent job everyone!



  1. 1000 yards plus 1/2 in the kids pool with my daughter(does that count?) at the DDH Y. Tomorrow i’m looking to bump up to 1500 per day! BTW I’m the one wearing a white cap with orange swim trunks- say hi if you see me- I might need encouragement! Go Saints!!!

    • that is a 1/2 hour

  2. Taking today off.

  3. Calvin’s pool is closed on Sundays, taking today off from swimming and running instead!

  4. 3500 yards at MVP in GR.

  5. 1750 yd at the downtown Y this morning! Does anyone know of other pools in the area that are open to the public that are free or reasonably priced? I’m going to be sad when I can’t swim at the Y after Feb!

    • Pam, you can buy a punch card to the East Grand Rapids HS pool and it’s very reasonable. Info here: http://www.eastgr.org/?t=90&c=89
      Also, I think you can get a punch card at the MAC for their FINS program (T, TH at 5:30 am). Their website is confusing but you can call at 616.956.0944. Hope that helps!

    • Kentwood Aquatic Center is $3 per visit and you can buy a membership
      GRCC is $2 but their hours can be a little funky

      • Forest Hills Aquatic center is really cheap too. “IF” you live in the district.

  6. Sad that I only had time for 900 yards today.

    We’re 1/4 of the way done everyone!

    • 1/4 way — I LOVE THAT!
      It’s awesome news — I am headed out for my swim now!

  7. I did 1000 today. I will probably ramp up the yardage the next couple days because there is a good chance I will be unable to find a pool for a couple days, unless if any of you can think of pools close to the Atlanta airport? 🙂

  8. I haven’t been good at posting my yards, so I’ll just give the week total. The first week = 10,350 yards! Mostly at the downtown Y. Very tired… need a day of rest.

  9. Managed 900 yards today from a very tired body. A little discouraged that I couldn’t manage 20 laps but was just way too tired. The day goes on…right? 😉

  10. 2000m (2187yards) at the SE Y.

  11. 1200 at DDH YMCA alongside Krister. =)

  12. 1200 @ MAC today — gotta get a swim in before Superbowl!
    Saw Simona, she was just finishing.

  13. 880 at East Hills. Need the 101 on arm strokes. I’m fairly new to swimming laps. Not sure I’m doing it right??

    • Tom I would be happy to help out.

  14. 1800 Yards at the DDH pool then a quick 5 mile run on the track (35 laps in a circle)

    • When I run on that track I make car noises and pretend I’m in NASCAR

  15. A slow but steady 1000 at the MAC this evening.

  16. fought through the hangover for another 1800=4.15 miles for the week!

  17. Just swam 1600 with Terence. Some of it was racing his kids.

    Here are my lessons from the first week (mostly from yesterday’s swim):

    1. DO NOT forget goggles – gives you rabbit-red eyes for the rest of the day
    2. DO NOT swim with eyes closed, even if you count your stroke – huge bumb on head – I tried that because I forgot my goggles and my eyes just would not stay open for the 25y – after that lots of kicks and backstroke
    3. lotion, lotion, and more lotion

    • Ouch!!

  18. DAY 7: Trying to get a swim in everyday – CHALLENGING!
    Swimming with the kids on Day 7 – PRICELESS!
    Thanks to my buddy, Gabriele, I was able to get my 800yds in today @ East Hills. Water temp a little too warm for my liking, but good times with Gabriele & kids!!!
    DAY 6: Finally got that 20mile run in followed by a 1/2 mile swim. Don’t think I’ve been in a pool that murky! Then I got to the hot tub, skimmed a liitle brown foam off the top & settled in. Just as I was enjoying the warmth, 2 butt-neked fellas sauntered in. I cringed in my corner pretending not to see them only to be rudely disgusted by the big fella heading toward the hot-tub in his tighty whities! As if that in itself wasn’t a vision to behold, he turned around to perch himself on the edge only to reveal some (freshly?) marked skid marks!! That was it… I was out of there! An unpleasant end (pardon the pun) to an otherwise pleasant day… 😉
    DAY 5: Went for a lunch-time swim today – 1000yds never felt better! February Swim Challenge ROCKS!!! Now it’s time to restore some of those calories at Auntie Annie’s with the kids 😉
    DAY 4: Who would have thunk you needed all 24 ribs intact to swim freestyle… and if you thought I couldn’t swim before, you should see me now! It was like my alignment was off. Anyway, managed to knock off 800 WITHOUT the fins. I may pay for it tomorrow – will see 😉
    DAY 3: 1500yds & still kicking! Yeah!
    DAY 2: 1250yds. done & still kicking! Chlorine coming out of my pores… Body starting to itch! I LOVE IT!!!
    DAY 1: Could not quite do it this am, but got the 1000yd Feb swim challenge done this pm (had to kick only with flippers due to rib not cooperating). Ah, yes, the smell of chlorine is here to stay!!!

    • Skid marked tighty whities in the hot tub!? Oh man! Now I remember why I avoid public hot tubs. Feels like bathing in a petre dish. That’s just gross!

    • I may have some emotional scars from reading about your “hot tub” experience!

      • Yeah! Just figured why the heck should I be the only one suffering from that experience! You guys are going down with me 🙂

  19. 900yds today, 1250 yesterday, 1250 the day before!

    Two things learned:
    1. It is always easier to swim when they are blasting Ace of Base.
    2. I really don’t ever want to swim with a hangover ever ever again.

    • Lori…you are funny and awesome!

  20. 900 this morning at MVP

  21. Squeezed in a last minute 900 thanks to the encouragement and accountability of Lori!

  22. Forgot to post but swam 1200 yards late Sunday night…

  23. Also forgot to post, but did 900 at downtown Y Sunday afternoon.

  24. Forgot to post yesterday, 1800 yards at the DDHY

  25. Forgot to post yesterday (Sunday).
    1000 yds at the MAC. Jen saw me there, really!

  26. 1504 yards again at Jenison’s 23.5 yard pool.

  27. 1000 yards at EK

    not feeling well, did not enjoy today’s swim

  28. Was in Muskegon all day on a campout with my son so I wasn’t able to swim. First day I have missed in the two years I have done this. I will have to make the distance up in the days to come.

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