Day Eight

February 8, 2010

The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson



  1. 2000 this morning at the MAC.
    Love the quote this morning, Rudy. Summarizes #febswim challenge perfectly!

  2. physically i felt terrible today but my times in my sets were quite reasonable. i guess that’s the beauty of the february swim challenge…even though you feel like crap, you’re still doing ok.

    3000 yards at EK

  3. Early morning swim at the SE Y – 1000m (1093.6 yards).

  4. 1200 at DDH YMCA this morning. I love your math geekiness Perry. 🙂

  5. 2000 yards at the DDH YMCA – bumped into my lovely wife
    I’m tired today for some reason

    • I loved that – made me feel better (and I’m pretty sure that’s why my speech went so well)! =D

  6. Check it out! We’re featured on The Rapidian:

  7. Got my first 2000m in today at lunch! Feels soooo good. Back still a little sore and I was slow but I’ll take it.

  8. Hello Swimmers!
    Let me know what you think about The Rapidian article about the swim challenge. http://bit.ly/dzzA24
    Also, I like to write Rapidian sports features and welcome pitches about events and people doing cool sports stuff in Grand Rapids.
    I’m interesting mostly in running, biking, swimming and tris and the people who compete.
    Reach me at robertafking at gmail.com

    • I really liked it – well written from lots of viewpoints. A cool thing that will happen to all of us who follow this simple challenge (swim. everday. at least .5 miles) will happen about 2-3 weeks in…that might be something interesting to write about

      • We should have some kind of get-together after all this to celebrate and share our experience.

  9. 1800 today. Another sunny day in the Pacific NW

  10. Hit my goal of 1500 yards today at the DDH Y. I finally fell into a swim trance, a zen like experience. Eight days in a row-
    Ran into my high school swim coach John Hams- he is still coaching Catholic Central- 27 years.
    I smell like chlorine, my skin itches and my hair is beginning to shine- all worth it.

    • Hooray, Blair!
      You have found the magic of the Feb Swim Challenge!
      I am so glad you decided to participate!

  11. I did 1400 yards this morning.

  12. 2000 yards at HAC.

  13. 1500 yards at DDHY after work

  14. Made it to DDH tonight and saw Dave there. Was in the pool for 1200. Here’s to hoping the swimsuit dries before I hit the pool in the AM again!

    • Hahaha! I HATE it when it doesn’t dry – but not as bad as how much I hate it when I forget to bring it in from the car!

    • I have a heated towel rack in my man cave “the basement”. Has made a world of difference for morning swims. No more cold wet suit.

      • This year, I upgraded to TWO suits — one to wear, one to be dry. Last year, I was terrified of leaving my suit in the car, all frozen like an ice cube!

    • Thanks to the dryer at the gym, it was dry this morning. Thank goodness! Although, a heated towel rack would definitely make a bit difference.

  15. 1200 meters at Forest Hills

    felt much better than yesterday. Hoping to increase the distance each day.

  16. 1000 at the MAC tonight

  17. Woooo! 1150 at DDH tonight! Felt so much better than yesterday (my shins were on fire). After a week of swimming here is what I have learned:

    1. I need better lotion
    2. Never forget your slippers
    3. Stop fighting the water
    4. Hydrate! I have learned that the water is SO deceiving…as a runner I know when I need to hydrate, now I have to learn the same thing in the pool.
    5. It’s not about how many laps, how fast the other person is going…it’s about one stroke at a time.

    Cheers to Day 8!

  18. listening to some Freebeer and Hotwings podcast on my underwater mp3 player makes swimming lots more fun, swam 1500 this afternoon at MVP

  19. 900 yards today at the downtown Y

  20. Cold cold swim at AIM Fitness on Monday night! Could not stand it for more than 900 yds. The pool heater was broken.

    Will try to get my longer swim in on Tuesday.

  21. Just 800 today after spin

  22. 1700 yards last night at the DDHY

  23. 950 at DDH on Monday. Wasn’t able to enter it in same day. Good seeing Sara there as well.

  24. 1000 at the Mac

  25. 500 at calvin… I know, not quite the half mile, but I made it to the pool at least!

  26. 1100y at the DDH Y.

    • oops- this is for day 9!!

  27. 1500 at DDH

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