Day Nine

February 9, 2010

In truth, people can generally make time for what they choose to do; it is not really the time but the will that is lacking.
Sir John Lubbock



  1. A quick 1000 this morning at DDH…after my alarm didn’t go off (guess it’s helpful to set for AM instead of PM)!

  2. 1500m (1640yards) at the SE Y this morning.

  3. 2575 this morning at the MAC.
    I am going to write my workout down if anyone wants to try it — it was a fun one, I thought.

    ** Uma ** I felt overwhelmed by the workout when I started it but I just took one section at a time and by the end I couldn’t believe how far I had swum! It was just like you posted yesterday.

    ** I need a recommendation for better face lotion, please!

    ** As Rudy noted on Day 1 at breakfast, “I guess Chlorine could technically be considered (hair) product.” My hair is officially icky today!

    1 x 200 warmup
    10 x 50 @ 1:00 1-4 drill, 5-6 fast, 7-9 build, 10 fast
    1 x 50 @ 1:10 (70%)
    1 x 75 @ 1:25 (80%)
    1 x 100 @ 2:20 (90 – 100%)
    2 x 50 @1:10 recover
    1 x 125 @ 2:20 (70%)
    1 x 150 @ 2:30 (80%)
    1 x 175 @ 3:20 (100%)
    2 x 50 @ 1:10 recover
    3 x 100 @ 1:40 pull
    4 x 100 @ 2:20 50 swim / 50 kick
    6 x 25 @ :35 ALL OUT

    • Wow, GREAT job Jen! I might have to give it a try.

      I’m with you on the face lotion. I did get some Eucerin body oil wash yesterday that is already making a difference on the skin (with only 2 times used)!

      Keep up the good work.

      • nice drill I will have to try it.

    • great swim jen! if anyone else is looking for people to post swim workouts, i’d be happy to share.

    • I swear by putting a little olive oil in your hair right before you swim – and doing a conditioner mask right after. The only trouble is – I bet you’d rather shower at home but if you let the chlorine dry in there then it’s no use. =(

      March’ll be better! =)

    • Jen: Thanks for posting the workout! That truly is my motto…one section at a time; especially since I am about to go pick Miriam up and go for our swim tonight…in the middle of all this snow. 😉

      As for face lotion: I don’t use lotion…I use pomegranate oil. I rub some on my face (it absorbs in a way that doesn’t leave your skin dry b/c it is a natural oil) and I never have to put anything else on. You can find it at most health food stores…I also love it because it repairs damage…which I am doing a lot of these days! Cheers.

    • Is this yards or meters?

  4. 1,850 at the SE Y over lunch with Rudy. Hard not to push yourself when swimming with someone else. Good swim Rudy.

  5. Great swim with Matt at the SE YMCA – its been way too long.

    I did 1,804 yards – towards the end I thought I was gonna pass out.

    Ladders are fun!?

    • Actually 1804 meters, correct?

  6. 1100 yards at Byron Center over lunch.
    State game tonight, Go Green!

  7. 1000m today
    50m warm up
    800m for time 70% = 16:50 slow I know!
    150m kick drills

  8. 2000…one of those days where you feel like you’re swimming up hill and dragging something behind you. Ack. But it’s in the books!

    My pool is saline, but I can feel my hair is getting icky

  9. A quick 2250 in the worst pool ever (Grandville YMCA) before I did my volunteering for my free Disney pass!

    Also, they said the pool’s chemicals were “dangerously low”, but to me that sounds more like a lake swim anyway.

  10. a quick 1200 yards at the Byron Center pool during lunch with Pat.

  11. 1045 at East Hills, 2 mile run and 5 mile spin. A breakthrough I didn’t see coming.

    • Wow! Nice job!!

  12. 1200 at DDH YMCA this afternoon. Truly – swimming was the LAST thing I wanted to do after snowshoeing all morning with 3rd graders out at Camp Roger – so knowing all you all were out there today was important to getting me in that pool today. =D

  13. I did 1300 today at the DDH Y.

    Another hair tip-my stylist told me before going into the pool, to totally soak your hair in the shower first, then the hair absorbs “good” water before it’s exposed to pool water. It seems to be working, but I am still going to try the olive oil too.

    As far as face lotion, I like Neutrogena Advanced Solutions (in orange packaging)-it’s pretty light but it does the job. If you want something thicker, then Cetaphil is a good choice too.

  14. I swam 1000 at the MAC this afternoon. Will try the posted swim workout either Thur or Fri looks a bit intimidating to me right now.

  15. A very quick (for me) 900 at DDH before rushing to parent/teacher conferences. As for the Disney tickets, make sure to go through the disney site first. We have had many people take advantage of this opportunity through disney and volunteered at the YMCA.

  16. a quick 1100 with Terence at egr high school. Easier than I thought after dreading it all day.

  17. 900yds this evening at DDH. I ate about an hour before I got in the pool b/c I was so hungry. Not going to repeat that mistake!

  18. A quick 1000 at the Mac this afternoon post-run, which makes for slow and heavy swimming.

  19. So I figured Week 2 should be the week of 1000’s for me! I am enjoying being in the pool! I’ve kept my swims to 1000 yds – easy, enjoyable swimming… focussing on technique. I really do FEEL faster in the water! I am in no hurry to swim longer – I’m just enjoying the PRIVILEGE of being able to swim everyday! I must give credit to Gabriele for getting me to the pool! WE GET TO DO THIS!!! Thanks for making this happen, Rudy!

  20. At 4:30am only Cedar Springs was closed so I went to EK and got in my yards. I checked after my swim and nearly every school in Kent and Ottawa Counties are closed today…except Kentwood. Zing!

    3800 today.

    • oops, that goes to day 10…i’ll repost it there

  21. 900 today. I agree with Thomas, Nothing Quick about 2250!!!

    • haha. a quick 2250 to me is like a quick 5k for some runners unlike me! 🙂

  22. 900 today at the MAC in the afteroon.

  23. No swimming for me today. I was up North coaching and with the weather I did not make it back to Holland in time to hit the pool. I am totally bummed about missing a day.

  24. 900 yards…

  25. 1250 at DDH

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