Day Eleven

February 11, 2010

Conditions are never just right. People who delay action until all factors are favorable do nothing.

Here are the totals for week 1 – PDF

259,597 yards total – 147.4983 miles

If you are not logging your yardage or show days missing, please go to that particular day and post your yardage.  Keep up the good work!

I am going to give away a free entry to the Bostwick Lake Triathlon (July 4th) to someone, winner drawn randomly and announced in tomorrow mornings post.  What do you have to do to win? Have all your yards posted for 11 days and then have your name picked from a hat.  Get your yards posted and swim today  🙂



  1. 1500m (1640yards) at the SE Y.

    Noticed yesterday after my run that even my sweat now smells like chlorine. Strange, yet fresh and deliteful at the same time. Maybe this chlorine scent could be a new cologne. Like Kramer’s BEACH idea. We could call it POOL or maybe SWIM.

    • haha, I like where you’re going with this. Especially if you miss a day…you could just slap some of that stuff on and nobody would know the difference!

  2. 2500 yards at HAC.

  3. Triple Digits today! 1000yds I probably could have done this sooner, but either way it’s a nice feeling. I’m guessing that I have probably crossed paths with most of you who have swam at DDH, but I don’t know what everyone looks like…Sorry.

    Some of you have mentioned and end of month event as a wrap up and if anyone is interested we are running our first ever indoor triathlon on Sun. Feb. 28th in the morning. It is a fundraiser for Strong kids. I talked with Rudy about the idea of maybe having all those interested in participating in the tri go off in the earliest heats (depending on how many of you want to tri it) and then have a party afterward. Since I am running the triathlon I could make it so people could get in early enough to get there 1/2 mile in, including the 15 min. portion of the swim. Anyway, those doing the swim challenge could participate at the member rate for all three, which is $25. Let me know your thoughts or interest.

    • I was thinking about trying it…I think it would be fun and a new challenge for me!

  4. 1300 at Byron Center over lunch.

  5. 1500 at the Mac this morning- feeling strong! Today is my half-birthday and the Universe presented me with a gorgeous man in jammers to share my lane- thankyouverymuch! It certainly made me swim a little faster than I otherwise would have, but I still don’t think he was impressed 😦

    • Happy half-birthday!
      I don’t think the same man was at the MAC when I was there… bummer! 🙂

  6. 1000 at the MAC this afternoon after a spin class.

  7. 1800 in 42:00 flat. 5 minutes faster than when I started

  8. 2400@ Forest Hills Aquatic.

    Tried Jen’s workout (thanks Jen) but got kicked out of the pool by a gang of screaming 11 year olds before I could finish the last set. That is my new personal best distance and the hardest I have ever worked in the pool in my life! This week has also been a week of more distance in 7 days then ever before in my life, 9,850 meters. WOW I am tired! But so glad for the February Swim Challenge!

    • Tom, I thought it was a great workout, too. But I can’t take credit for inventing it: Dave, who runs the FINS program at the MAC, posted it up.

  9. hmmm, thought I posted. 1800 in 42:00 flat. Five minutes faster than February 1.

    • Wow, Sara! That’s awesome! Way to go!

  10. 1000 this morning. Last night’s longer (for me) swim was this morning’s pain. Felt like a ton of bricks!

  11. Unfortunately I did not have access to a pool today, but I may have better luck tomorrow. I did jog/walk 3 miles today (not counting all the walking I did in the Atlanta airport) 🙂

  12. I think I did 950 yards today…didn’t have time to add another lap 😛

  13. 935 at East Hills. Really enjoying this.

  14. Swam with the Big Kids in the FINS program at the MAC this morning.
    1. It meets at 5:30 am, always an ambitious time to be in the pool
    2. Everyone, and I mean, everyone in the program is a Masters-level swimmer. So, it’s very challenging and also very humbling to particpate.

    I like to think of today as “Extreme Stroke Makeover”, Jen edition. Dave, the guy who runs the program, stays on the pool deck on Thursdays and provides coaching. Today was a series of many tweaks. I have built so much endurance and speed (for me!) that it’s always mazing to me how much technique can really go into swimming. I felt like I was learning to swim all over again. Ah, well, LOTS to remember and think about over the next 7 days until I swim with them again.

    Cheers, everybody, on a great job!

    • Whoops, forgot to post my distance: 2450.

  15. 1300 at DDH YMCA.

    Thanks for the chart Rudy – that’s really cool.

  16. 2600 yds downtown

  17. Calvin’s pool is hosting the MIAAs this weekend… I cant swim!!! UGH. I’d love to go somewhere for three days for free! If you know of any…

    • http://www.enjoylearning.com/AquaticCenter.html

      • It’s not free but pretty darn cheap

      • Thanks! And that would have been perfect since I’m student teaching in a Forest Hills school, BUT I got strep throat today, so might just take the Calvin pool being closed as an excuse. My body is very tired and sore from doing nothing.

  18. I am SO tired tonight and so glad I swam at the crack of dawn this morning: 1050 at DDH bright and early at 5am. Crashing for the night…zzzzzzz

  19. The 2000 I did today sure as heck made up for missing yesterday! Now I really reek chlorine… it’s coming out of my pores… I lean forward, and it drains out of my sinuses… I lay in bed and it drizzles out of my ears!!! I even think I’m PEEING chlorine!!!

  20. 800 late tonight. Looking forward to a swim tomorrow where its length is not determined by the time the pool closes.

  21. 3100 at 9:30pm tonight during the GVSU women’s water polo teams practice.


  22. quick 1200 yards in the small pool last night.

  23. 1000 yeards downtown Y mid morning.

  24. 1300 yards at the DDH Y- tired and ran out of time. May just do an easy 1300 or so today. Losing weight also!!

  25. 1100meters @ Forest Hill Aquatic. Very Very Tired! Finished up with 4x25m sprints @ 18sec each. Wish I could swim that fast all the time.

  26. 900 at MAC. long workout tomorrow.

  27. 900 at DDH!

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