Day Twelve

February 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.

Congrats to Jennifer Crowley, winner of the Bostwick Lake Tri entry



  1. 2000 yards at the DDH YMCA
    I didn’t feel like swimming today but I got it done

  2. 1000 yards at EK in the morning.

    500 free
    4 x 50 kick
    3 x 100 free

  3. 5000 yards at HAC….I had to make up for the day I missed earlier this week.

    First 3000 in 44:45
    250 kicking
    1000 pull
    250 kicking
    500 warm down

    Man, after 80 minutes in the water I thought I could feel gills forming behind my ears…..

    • WOW!!!!! That is more than I swam during week one!! Way to go!

  4. strep throat + Calvin’s MIAAs = sore tired body with no motivation or place to swim…

  5. 2050 yards at GRCC

  6. 1050 at DDH YMCA.

  7. 1000 at DDH. Second day of triple digits. I must have just missed you Rudy and Rebecca. Congrat’s Jen on the tri prize.

  8. Nice 1000 at EHAC this afternoon.

  9. 2000 today – 800 with Terence and another 1200 with Lydia

  10. 1800 at DDHY after work.

  11. hit my wall in a serious way today. Was a struggle to drag myself to the pool and jump in. I honestly stood by the chairs for two minutes debating wether I had the energy to do this…1000 today. Having a beer and putting it behind me. Tomorrow is a brand new day. Thanks for keeping me motivated y’all.

    • Good for you! That’s what it’s all about. See what you’re made of? Continue!

  12. much needed day off with a little left AC joint pain…see you tomorrow

  13. 1600 yards at the DDH Y around lunchtime. Feeling the need to step up to 2k a day- need to allow for more time. I smell chlorine all day now. 12 days straight- the next 8 to 10 days will be the most challenging. need to stay motivated!

  14. 880 at East Hills then had to let the senior citizens have the lane. They need more lanes.

  15. 1250+ yards @ the EGR pool…tired and sore to start out, but seemed to gain energy the more laps I put in.

  16. 1600 @ MAC, lifted weights first.

    Remembered to be thankful that we’re not living in DC or places south where the weather would have really put a crimp in our Feb Swim Challenge.

  17. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful again in finding a pool. Maybe Saturday will be better!

  18. I did 1200 at DDH in the morning.

  19. 2700 today. Did the FIN’s workout at the MAC.
    Happy weekend.

  20. forgot to post yesterday, 1700 yards after work at teh DDHY

  21. 1000yds @ EGRHS @ lunch time! Felt good to swim at an odd time of day! Even better that I got to swim with a friend!

  22. forgot to log in my 900

  23. Forgot to post this weekend – 2600 yds Friday downtown Y

  24. 1500 at the Mac followed by an easy (and chilly) 3 mile run. I can’t wait until I go from pool to run without having to blow dry my hair!

  25. fortunately the hotel pool in chicago was 20 yards long. 900 barely.

  26. 900 at DDH again!

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