Day Thirteen

February 13, 2010

Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.



  1. 1550 at Ddh YMCA. First time I swam 25 laps in a row of freestyle!!! =D

    • Thanks for the encouragement Rebecca. Way to go today!

    • Great job, Rebecca!!

      • Woot! Woot!

  2. A early morning swim off 1000 and saw Heather & Simone doing the same.

  3. 1050 at DDH. Definite improved mood from yesterday…thanks to my swimming buddy Lori.

  4. 1250 y at DDH Y- ran four miles in between set with RUNGR.com. Felt really good this morning. Trying to maximize my sleep and nourishment.

    • hit a 34 second split on my last 50 yards- how much would a speedo and a shave help my time?

  5. 1200 at DDH again today after a nice long run outside this morning. Feeling the pain, and pushing through. No help from the guy in the lane next to me that I think was trying to “race” me. Although could just be that competitive little devil on my shoulder that doesn’t let that person get ahead…time for some ibuprofen.

    • Was he wearing a white swim cap and orange shorts?

      • I don’t remember? Mustache and southern accent…

  6. 1000 at the MAC. Met Lydia and Heather.
    Then did a spinning class.

  7. 1500 today. Always nice to swim after a run.

  8. 😦 pool still taken by people who are good at swimming.
    😦 I still don’t have energy from being sick
    😦 I’ve been slacking on the swimming this week.

  9. 1650m (1804 yards) at the SE YMCA. Had a good swim but my run after was tough. Tired all over hoping for a nap this afternoon.

  10. 1100 yards today at the EGR pool…hates this gloomy weather

  11. 3000 yards at HAC.

  12. 1800 again-going to try to get past this distance next week. Shoulder is still a little sore.

  13. 2900 @ MAC this morning.
    Took a nap this afternoon: awesome!

    • Oh! And thanks, Sara, for the Eucerin recommendation: I picked some up today post-swim.
      Wasn’t able to find pomegranate oil @ Harvest Health on 28th St. though.. bummer!

      • I wanted to check for the pomegranate oil too…I’ll check Eastern on Monday and let you know if they have it. My hands are the only part of me that can’t take it….

      • Jen and Rebecca…Harvest on Eastern should have the pomegranate lotion and oil. Both work really well and absorb into the skin nicely.

      • Great! Hope it helps. It helped within a couple days for me.

    • Jen your distances are awesome!! Way to go!!

      • I couldn’t find the pomegranate oil either but I bought almond oil at Harvest Health and it has completely changed how my face feels about this swim challenge. Amazing!

  14. Ran 12 miles with Rungr group, then jumped in the pool and almost died trying to swim 900yds. Saw Sara as she was getting in the pool and informed me she had just run 11 miles. Then she goes and swims 1200. Thanks Sara!

    • Good job to you too!! We were both beat 🙂

  15. Got my 20 mile run in with RunGR.com this morning, then swam 1000yds @ EGRHS @ 12:45… Gabriele’s comment about me being a “little slow” today was an understatement!

  16. swam 900, but it was nice and relaxing after 2.5 hours on bike and a 45 min. run

  17. Grrrrr…another day and no pool yet. AND I found out my flight has been cancelled until TUESDAY???? (I was supposed to come back Sunday evening). I will have plenty of yardage to make up when I get back.

  18. I am totally and completely blown away by everyone’s “Run + Swim” or “Run + Swim + Bike” sets… so impressive!

  19. 1600 yards before getting kicked out cause the pool was closing, didnt even get to warm down at all.

  20. No swim today, just too sore and tired, neck’s stiff & back spasms. I’ve got to give my body a break. 😦

  21. Forgot to post this weekend – 1750 yd downtown Y on Sat.

  22. Up at 7am to swim and spin and thinking, “This is ridiculous! It’s Saturday!” Saw Lydia and Simona in the pool and that changed everything. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that I like this.

    • Also, 1000.

  23. between 2 water polo games of warm-up, cool-down and a lot of swimming, i estimate a solid 4000 yards today. and one “broken” nose. no stitches thankfully.

  24. 900 at DDH.

  25. 900 at DDH! 🙂

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