Day Fourteen

February 14, 2010

The one thing I remember about Christmas was that my father used to take me out in a boat about ten miles offshore on Christmas Day, and I used to have to swim back. Extraordinary. It was a ritual. Mind you, that wasn’t the hard part. The difficult bit was getting out of the sack.
John Cleese



  1. Well, stuck in North Carolina but found a ray of hope-there is a YMCA in town so since I will be stuck here till Tuesday (due to weather) I may be able to access the pool as a guest.

  2. Not swimming again today. I really need the rest.

  3. Today was brutal- super fast swimmers in every lane. Swam 1000m at the FH Aquatic center- I felt like was sharing a lane with Michael Phelps. In the lane next to me was Janet Evans and a really big dude that was FAST!!! Looking forward to a better tomorrow at the Y.

  4. 1300 at DDH YMCA. It was one of those days where I kept having to remind myself to go my minimum and not justify my deep, deep desire to stop short of my goals. That’s part of what I love about this challenge. Glad you’re out there with me.

    Happy VD!!

    …and Hahahahahahhaha! Funny quote today Rudy!

  5. 2000 at the MAC today.
    Week Two in the books — hooray!
    Happy ❤ Day, everyone!

  6. Painful swim today. Shoulder is really killing me…popping some motrin and throwing on some ice. Damn I feel old. 1000 @ DDH

  7. last day off before hitting the pool tomorrow am

  8. 1500 at EGR high school

  9. 3000 at HAC…I had a great workout. Sub 15 for my 1000 yard warm-up. 5×200’s all in under 2:40 and a couple under 2:35. 250 kick and a 750 warm down. This February challenge is the best thing I could have done for my swimming the past 4 years.

  10. 1750 Yd today – Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! …it looks like some of you are part of rungr… how do you like it? I joined the Gazoom 25K training group through Gazelle this year and like it, but I’m looking for some other running groups to join after the Fifth Third is over. Swimming has been a great cross-training activity with running this month!!

  11. Had a good swim today with a slow but steady increase to 1640 yards at the Mac tonight.

    • wow, lydia! you weren’t kidding about upping your yardage! strong work!

  12. 1200 at DDH YMCA. I too am fighting a very sore shoulder. Rebecca, I too had to remind myself to just go do the minimum and not just skip out today. Hard to do! Half way!!!

  13. 1200 at the Mac this evening. I wanted to do a timed 1000 because it’s the halfway mark, but I ran this morning and was pretty tired. I’ll try to get a strong timed swim in early this week.


  14. 2400 yards at the DDHY. Arms are getting sore, but Ill push through!

  15. 1800 yards late morning at the DDH YMCA then off to Caberfae to snowboard with my son Max. Great day!

  16. 1000 yards in, around noon today at EGR high school pool as well as a trail run at Robinette’s after…fun stuff.

  17. only 1 water polo game today, but had a long warm up to loosen up. 2000 yards.

  18. only 1500 before my shoulder started to hurt. Easier day tomorrow.

  19. 1000 at downtown Y. After snowmobiling Sat. my right hand will not straighten out correctly. No soreness, but strength and dexterity is all messed up.

  20. Tough time getting to the pool on Sunday. What a busy Valentines day. Checked out the Grand Haven Triathlon and probably should have got my swim in there and saved myself the hassle of coming back to DDH to swim 900yds. Half way to the finish line.

  21. 1100 at the MAC
    Preparing mentally for long Monday night swim.

  22. Uma got me to swim 1000. She’s sneaky, that one. Plus a 3 mile run after!

  23. No swim today, still just too sore.

    • Someone is behind in putting up the current day! This was meant for Sunday’s swim.

  24. Monday Feb 15th, 1200 yards Kentwood Pool

  25. Tuesday 16th 1000meters Forest Hills Pool, still sore as hell!

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