Day Fifteen

February 15, 2010

If you go parachuting, and your parachute doesn’t open, and you friends are all watching you fall, I think a funny gag would be to pretend you were swimming.
Jack Handy



  1. 1000 in the Byron Center pool.

  2. 1550 @ MAC
    Lifted weights first.
    Tired today.

  3. 1600m (1750 yards) at the SE Y.

  4. Only 1000 y today at DDH. Felt like my arms were going to fall off- that would suck since I would have to kick my way to the end of February.

    • ROTFL!
      I am feeling exactly the same way!

  5. 2000 yards at HAC….needed a lighter day.

  6. Seriouslsy Calvin. This is the LAST day it is closed. Or so they say…

  7. Put in 1050 yards today at the GRCC pool. It may just be that I’m losing track of time and space, but its starting to feel like I’m getting faster, lol!

    • You probably are! Nice work!

      • Haha, thanks Rebecca! I feel so weird calling you that, lol! How is the Y treating you?
        Gotta see you guys soon…miss you all!

  8. Swam 1640 yards @ Mac this afternoon and got a little running in as well, the ankle is healing nicely.

    • I’m glad to hear your ankle is doing well. Mine isn’t doing too bad either.

  9. 1300 at DDH YMCA.

  10. 3000 “recovery” yards after a long water polo weekend. Byron Center community pool has open lap swim through 3pm on MWF…nice!

  11. Today was a milestone for me. After checking out the Grand haven Tri yesterday, I thougth I would just see how I do with swimming my 18 laps without stoppping or using pull bouys/kickboards, etc. I actually did it and felt pretty good. About 13 laps in I thought I might have to stop, but I pushed through and actually did 18 laps, then did another 4 laps with a pull bouy so a total of 1100yds today. That is the furthest I have gone so far. Big Smile!

    • excellent!!!!

      • Sweet!!! I’m proud of you!

    • Nice job. If you can do that in a pool by yourself, a race is so much easier.

      • Hooray! Congrats, Dave! Huge accomplishment!

  12. another 1800 in the books. Felt slow and tired. Half way there

  13. I actually found a pool!! Swam 1200 yards today at the YMCA in Fayetteville, NC. Not sure if I will have access tomorrow since I am supposed to leave then.

  14. 1050 meters at SE Y. I must be getting old, my body is falling apart.

    • sounds like your mind is falling apart!

  15. 1100 at DDH today bright and way to early.

  16. 1100 at EGR high school.

  17. yay, i love jack handy…”i believe in making the world safe for our children…but not our children’s children…because i don’t think children should be having sex” hehe..but that one has nothing to do with swimming, anyway
    1600 at the MVP this evening, shoulda gone for the extra 4 laps but really wanted to go home and eat pizza

    • that sounds like a reasonable decision to me…lol!

  18. 2100 at DDHY after work

  19. 1500yards at the DDHY

  20. 3100 yds at the East Kentwood High School pool.
    Yikes! Those sprints with long-sleeved shirts on wear you out!

  21. 1250 at DDH.

  22. After a 4 day break from swimming it was wonderful to be back in the pool with my swimming buddies. I think my body quite enjoyed the break because I wasn’t hurting anymore! 1500 at DDH.

  23. I am horrible at posting on the blog! Ah! But I have been swimming every day, I swear. A tough and tired 1000 at the mac, still tired from a long run on Sunday.

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