Day Seventeen

February 17, 2010

Swimming does not build character, it reveals it.

Last year I posted this, and I still think its true, and funny!

I realized there are four phases to this swim challenge:
1: OMG! My arms are gonna fall off
2: Hey, this isn’t so bad – I might make it
3: I am getting stronger, and feel like a real swimmer
4: I never want to swim in a pool again!

Where are you as we are just past the halfway mark?



  1. 3000 this morning at EK

    1000 straight
    300 kick
    700 pull
    20×50 :45

    done in less than 45 minutes….i guess somewhere between stage 3 and 1. i’m getting faster but my body is hurting.

  2. Personal best! 1000 yards without breaking in 20 minutes. I think I’m at a 3 today… which means 4 is next…

    • Way to go Swordfish! 😉

  3. 1750 m (1914 yards) at the SE Y.

    I’m at phase 3 and concerned that phase 4 may occur way before the 28th.

  4. 1050 @ MAC this morning.
    My shortest swim so far; leaving to go out of town.
    Thanks Blair & JR for the encouragement: much needed & much appreciated. JR, you’re right, I think I’d feel better about the long workouts if I were able to rest more in between… Just wait till March!

    I am at Stage 3 w/moderate fatigue.

  5. 2000 yards at the downtown YMCA
    The water was a bit foggy this morning but I am grateful to be able to swim there.

  6. 1800 in the books. Definitely phase 3.

  7. Hit 2000 yards for the first time today at DDHY. Huge milestone for me!! Need rest!

    • Nice job!!

    • Way to go!

    • today was a phase three swim—

  8. 1850 at DDH YMCA. Stage 3 definitely. I’m still at the, “Wait! Why don’t I continue this beyond February if it always makes me feel this way?” stage too! =)

    • 🙂

  9. after spending most of the day yesterday in airports and airplanes I feel like crap right now. Hopefully I will feel better and can resume this challenge tomorrow. I’m feeling like such a failure already!!

    • If I were to pick a stage it would still be 2, since I do love the challenge so far, what I could actually do that is. Next time I go out of town I am packing a pool with me and doing laps in the airplane 🙂

  10. I’m at phase 2.7–starting to feel like a swimmer because I’ve been in the pool so much, but I haven’t had any real swim training so my stroke is most likely just barely better than horrible. But I KNOW I can finish this swim challenge. (Minus all the days I’ve taken off and have to make up!)
    1000 today.

  11. Definitely stage 3 with swimming 1640 yeards at the Mac tonight.

  12. 1750 today at the Y… but I didn’t swim the last 2 days 😦 I’ll have to make up for it this week!

  13. I think I am still at stage 2…I have good days and bad days. Although I feel like the water/chlorine and I are all becoming fast friends, I still feel like I flounder. I think the next step for me (next month) is to really concentrate on my stroke. This has been a great process for me however to reach a new comfort level with the water. 1050 @ DDH today.

  14. 950yds today and I hate to be cliche but I am the first three at once, but only pieces of them. #1 my arms are sore probably because I am a weak kicker so I rely on my arms too much. #2 only the second half of the statement is true: I might make it. As for the “hey this isn’t so bad”, yes it is. #3 the front half: I am getting stronger but I don’t feel like a swimmer. #4: I am not to the point where I NEVER want to swim in the pool again, but if tomorrow was March 1st I wouldn’t be crying. either.

    • hang in there Dave- thanks for the hook up at the Y. It has worked out great!!

    • Hehehe!

  15. 2200 today. As for phases, I am in 2 as I am increasingly enjoying the whole thing but then I always loved swimming. I think though that my skin, especially my hands and nose (due to a little cold), disagree with my assessment of phases. They are in phase 4.

  16. I am at stage 3, my past few swims have been amazing even post run! Today while swimming I even had the thought, “Hey, this is great! I think I’m going to keep swimming every single day even after February!” Ha. We’ll see how i feel about that in 2 more weeks…
    1500 at the Mac this afternoon.

  17. 2000 yards at HAC. I have been at all 4 phases so far and some of them more than once….I would say right now I am in phase 4…life is too busy at the moment and it is hard to motivate myself to swim each day.

  18. put 1025+ yards in today, without really stopping and taking a break…felt pretty good, but ran out of time. I think I’m at stage two, maybe 2.4.
    really starting to like the challenge though.

  19. 1000 yards between warmup and water polo practice

  20. I didn’t swim on Wed – due to a long day of work presentations, etc. and trying to feel better in my shoulder/back. I’m a little bit of the first 3 I think. I am enjoying being in the pool and it is making me feel stronger. Good job everyone!

  21. Took Wed off, just too sore!

  22. 900 yds at East Hills after spinning. Tired!

  23. 1500yards at the DDHY

  24. 1050 Yards in the Byron Center Pool.

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