Day Eighteen

February 18, 2010

Feb Swim Bumpersticker Idea:

Warning: immense speed will result when submerged in water for a month



  1. 2000m (2187yards) at the SE Y… again.

  2. 1000 at DDH YMCA.

  3. 3450 at EK. Still hoping to see someone other February Swim Challengers there.

    Does anyone else swim at East Kentwood Aquatic Center?

  4. 1000meters @ Forest Hill, all pulling drills no legs at all and I feel better.

  5. 1804.4619 yards at the SE YMCA

    • You’re hanging out with Perry too much…

  6. 1400 at DDH this morning.

  7. I hit a few milestones today. First, I actaully was swimming alone at DDH for about 15 minutes today in midafternoon. Nobody else in the pool..just me. Second, because the swim team has an away meet tonight they don’t practice, so when I thought I would have to get out of the pool at 3:20 turned into another 15+ minutes of swimming because I wanted to enjoy the entire pool to myself. SO, I actually ended up swimming 1400yds today which is WAY more than I have gone so far in one day in the last two years of the swim challenge. Lastly, my arms feel like they are going to fall off.

    • Way to go Dave!

  8. Cant beat that but after a long day I swam 750 … not even the full half 😦

  9. Had to swim the min today due to lack of time…about 900 yards

  10. physically tired today…

  11. I need one of those bumper stickers today! I ROCKED 1800 in 38:35-3:25 faster than previous

    • oh, and I bet no one else had a view of Mt Hood and Mt. St. Helens during your swim 🙂

  12. 1250 today at the Mennesota Valley YMCA (yes, in the state of Minnesota.)
    I totally felt like a real swimmer b/c the lifeguard asked me to dive to the bottom of the 12′ deep pool to retrieve a piece from an elderly gentleman’s goggles. Then, it was crowded & we had to circle swim… Someone said to me: “please, go ahead, you’re faster.” (hee, hee)

    • Someone told me the other day, “wow you are fast!” I was like “who are you talking too?” I’m so not!

  13. 1100 at DDH this evening with Miriam and a really nice dude who was fricken inspiring. (heart surgery, kidney transplant…he said: I’m trying to get back into shape!) I feel good today…tired but good. Swwwweeeeettttt….

  14. 900 at the Mac this afternoon. I was tired from my run and my shoulders hurt and my goggles were leaky. Kind of a whiney day :/ But still, 900 in the books! 10 more days!

    • Yeah Heather! Keep rocking away girl!

  15. A slow and steady 1640 at the Mac this afternoon, a bit tired & sore overall. It’s fun to have this challenge and make it to the pool, would not have gone otherwise : – )

  16. 900 at East Hills tonight. Got it in just before they closed.

  17. 1000 y at the DDH Y. Short on time. Long on soreness.

  18. 1200 yds at the MAC.

  19. 1500 yards at HAC….250 warm-up. 500 yards in 6:31 (PR by 13 seconds) 750 warm down.

  20. 1500yards with Pat at the DDHY

  21. 1250 at DDH with Uma! I think I figured out how to use my back muscles when doing front crawl. very exciting.

  22. 1500 at DDHY

  23. Sorry, forgot to post till now. Did 1300 yards, but ended up going home early from work with a cold or allergies, whatever it is…..

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