Day Nineteen

February 19, 2010

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
Robert Collier



  1. I’m off to the pool to do another 1000meters. Trying to give my shoulders a break this week and just do the minimum. Traveling this weekend so I may not get on here to post or swim tomorrow.

  2. Day off…unless I can get there later. My forearms are killing me from yesterday’s hammerfest

  3. 1250 at DDH with Denise. My whole body has a wonderful dull ache.

  4. 1500 yds at the MAC.
    My shoulders are starting to feel a bit sore, so I did a shorter workout than I normally would on Fridays.
    Nine days to go!

  5. 1200 at Byron Center

  6. 1500 at DDH YMCA.

  7. 2000 at GRCC during lunch.

  8. Back in the saddle after a few days off. 880 at EH

  9. 1400 at DDH this morning. Shoulder and back are really tight….are we done yet??!

  10. Gross swim today in the kid infested, warm, icky pool at DDH. The swim team had practice and Lori and I totally forgot to check! 1000yds…

  11. 1500 at EHAC.

  12. did 1400 yards today, feeling a little better from yesterday.

  13. Another 1640 yards today @ Mac

  14. 2500 recovery yards at HAC. I had the 1am to 3am bike shift at the UCC…I am pretty tired after 4 hours of sleep last night.

  15. 1400 at calvin after a speed workout for running!!!

  16. 1500 yards after work

  17. put in 900 yards again…pushed for time, wish I could have done more.

  18. 😦
    0 at noplace
    No swimming for me: travel day and couldn’t find access to a pool.

  19. 2000 easy yards at EK in the AM, early.

  20. no swimming today- road trip.

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