February 20, 2010

8 more days to go



  1. 1800 at DDH YMCA. Can’t believe I’m the first to comment and it’s almost 4:30!

  2. 2000 at DDH Y after a long run with MHRG. Swam awhile with Sara and after met Dave. I’ve been dealing with what seems to be a cracked rib (or 2) after a minor crash snowboarding. Painful while running, but reasonable to swim with.

  3. 2200 at EGR high school.

  4. 1800-again. It’s 60 and sunny…so hard to go to the pool but so cool to have the sun on my back while swimming!

  5. 1320 at EH

    • Way to go, Tom!!

    • great swim Tom!!

  6. 900 @ MAC today.

  7. 3000 yards at HAC after another 2 hour ride at the UCC from 2-4 pm.

  8. 1500 at DDH in a lane with Perry.

  9. Unfortunately I was not able to make it to a pool….but I did manage to run 7 miles, which is the most I have ever done, and my ankle is not killing me. So I am crediting this swim challenge for helping me with healing my injury so I can get back to training for the 25K for River Bank. I will just do a mile swim tomorrow 🙂

  10. 1750 at the Y

  11. 4000 yards at Canham Natatorium (University of Michigan) between all the water polo games I’m reffing. Easy pool to swim in knowing that Phelps put in millions of yards there!

    • That’s awesome! 4k yards!

  12. haha either 950 or 1000 yards, kinda lost track on that last one…

  13. 900 for me 🙂

  14. 1700 yards at the DDHY

  15. 1200 yards in my old high school pool in Alpena where I swam for 3 years. Ah the memories… It’s been 25 years since I swam there and its still too warm and just as scummy as I remember.

  16. 2000 yards at ddhy

  17. 1000 @ DDH

  18. 1200 at the MAC and then spinning.

  19. late as usual with the update. 900yds. Good to finally meet Perry and talk with him some. Didn’t know that was him on the top of the page swimming.

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