Day Twenty Two

February 22, 2010

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.



  1. 1200 @ MAC.
    Lifted weights first.
    Had planned to swim a bit longer but I overslept.

  2. Officially sick. Still no voice, and feel like absolute Kaka…I think I am going to have to take my first day off from this challenge. Bummer.

    • Don’t feel bad-sometimes it’s better to rest than try to push yourself when you are sick. Hope you feel better!

  3. 1000 yrd in the Byron Pool. Brother Dave was there as well!

  4. 1800 yards at the DDH YMCA – almost there and I can feel it in my shoulders. My hair is straw too –

    Do they make a Chlorine gum I can chew to help me ween off this addiction?

  5. 1500m (1640yards) early morning at the SE Y.

  6. Oh man! A much better day today 1200meters at Forest Hills today! The water actually felt like water again and not liquid led.

  7. 1100 at DDH YMCA

  8. 1800. Then a 45 mile ride. You know you’re a swimmer when you sweat doing other things and all you smell like is the pool.

  9. Did 1600 tonight at DDH Y. I am grateful I didn’t get caught by the cops for speeding because I was so hungry!

  10. After listening to Andy piss & moan we did 2800 after work at DDHY.

  11. 450 before the migraine hit… i’ll make up for it tomorrow when I wont have to run as well.

    • Oohh….migraines suck! Hope you feel better!

  12. just 800 at East Hills today. Shared the lane with a guy who kept punching me so I gave up after 800.

  13. 1500 at MVP after bike ride, felt good

  14. 1500 yards to stretch out the arms.

  15. 950yds today and can’t wait until I don’t smell like chlorine 24/7.

  16. Sickness hit and I could not swim yesterday, hopefully today will be better.

  17. 2250 at AIM Fitness with the Competitive Swimming class.
    My arms are ready to fall off.

  18. 880 in the best time of the month.

  19. measly 900 yards at jenison at 9pm.

  20. 2800 yards with Pat after work

  21. 1350 y at DDH Y. Worked on 500 yds non stop.

  22. oops – forgot to post yesterday – 1750 at the Y downtown

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