Day Twenty Three

February 23, 2010

Never let your head hang down. Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way.
Satchel Paige



  1. 2500 @ MAC this morning.
    Swam with the big kids, felt great!
    I ❤ the last week of February Swim Challenge!

  2. 900 at East Hills. Finally I got to the pool early rather than at night but I was tired today so just a short swim.

  3. 1000 for me at DDH. I got there, thats more than I can say for yesterday!

  4. 4000 at Byron Center

    500 swim
    500 pull
    5×200 (swim, kick, pull, IM, swim)
    10×100 1:20
    20×50 :45

    so close to the end i can smell it! wait, that’s just the chlorine.

  5. 2250…and a serious case of goggle face

  6. 1000 at DDH YMCA.

  7. 1000y at DDH Y. 21 out of 23 days. Last three days have been short because of time-need to swim faster or stay longer. FIVE DAYS!

  8. 2000 DDH Y.

    • did you swim in the morning?

    • Late morning right before heading to Chicago

  9. no energy today – getting a run in and then taking a night off

  10. 900 at calvin right before class 🙂 couldnt make up the 450 yet… maybe tomorrow

  11. 1400 at DDH, then a 3 mile run afterwards 🙂

  12. Ok wait: who’s swimming every day (min 1/2 mile)?

    • ME! I am!

  13. Another day where this cold is kicking my but. A couple of my students suggested that I cancel class when I started speaking…I have no voice as of yet… 🙂 Hopefully tomorrow I can get back in the swing of things..two days without swimming is starting to feel weird.

    • and you are missed!! Definitely cancel class.

  14. A nice and easy 1640 yards at the Mac this afternoon.

  15. 1850 at the DDH YMCA – swam with Pat and Andy for a bit – Pats flip turns are like his brother, my towel was soaked

  16. 1200 yards, nice and easy.

  17. 1000 yards tonight @ EGR…almost got in a fight with a life guard though when he turned the showers off on me less then 5 minutes after the pool closed…fun times 😛

  18. 900 yds at the MAC after work. So so tired. Are we there yet?

  19. Just too much going on with “Life” lately and frankly I just was not motivated to go get in the pool today….:-(

  20. 1500 lonely yds at the DDH. Was going to try for a mile, but decided to quit early to watch the Olympics.

  21. 1500 yards after work

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