Day Twenty Four

February 24, 2010

Swim Until You Can’t See Land – Courtesy of Heather



  1. 900 yds at the MAC before spinning.

  2. 1500 at DDH with Denise!

  3. I actually haven’t been in the pool yet today but wanted to share with my fellow swimmers…

    I had to give a speech this morning first thing and so showered at home and saved my daily swim till later. (Mind you, I haven’t swum since yesterday AM and have showered once between that swim and this morning’s shower.) When I got in the shower, the water hit my body and the entire shower filled with the smell of Chlorine. It actually made me laugh out loud! Only in February…. !


  4. Cold is worsening. In the process of hacking up both of my lungs and don’t think that I have the lung capacity to be like a fish in the water yet….swim for me!

  5. 1800 at DDH YMCA.

    Thanks for the giggle Jen. 😀

  6. Jen-that’s how I felt after my ride on Monday-I sweat the smell of pool.

    2250 for the day

  7. 1050 yards at the GRCC pool this afternoon…fun stuff

  8. 1100 this morning at DDH Y.

  9. 2500 at Bally Total Fitness in Chicago.

    • =)

  10. 1100 at EGR high school tonight.

  11. 1000 at the Mac tonight

  12. 1400 yds at MVP tonight after ride and run…my boogers smell like chlorine too

  13. 2000 y at the DDH Y. trying to make up for the 2 days i missed. four days!

  14. total 4000 yards….2000 at Zeeland HS and 2000 at HAC.

  15. 1500 yards before work, then a nice 12 hours day in Mid-Michigan for work.

  16. 1400 @ MAC this afternoon with my 8-year-old to cheer me on and rate my flip turns.

  17. Was planning on going after work, got home late and pool closed before I could get in. Basically, I suck and didn’t swim today.

  18. 1000 with walls and 1000 without walls at water polo practice at Zeeland HS.

    2000 total.

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