Day Twenty Five

February 25, 2010

If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do all the rest have to drown too?
Steven Wright



  1. Love your quote!

  2. 2400 @ MAC with the big kids again.
    Ladder workout.
    3 more days!

    • you are rockin! keep it up!

  3. 1200 for me at DDH this morning. Thought my shoulder was feeling better after a break yesterday again, but no luck.

  4. 1000 at DDH YMCA to make room for paper writing and classes.

    I’m actually thinking I might continue this year. No really. 😀

  5. 880 at East Hills.

  6. Just did 1760 yards @ Mac plus spinning & running ….. must be time for a tri!

  7. Sigh…four days away from the pool….made a resolution to jump in tomorrow no matter what…I hate being sick.

  8. another 1800. Note to the otherwise nice girl I had to share a lane with…if you don’t know how to frog kick well, you might not want to do it when you have to share a lane.

  9. 3500 at EK around lunch time with a 500 time trial…hurt.

  10. Going to bed ridiculously early tonight. Feeling like crap. I’m still going to blame the second graders.

    • I’m a teacher too…. those kids can do it to ya!

  11. 2000 at HAC…..3 more days…mind and body are saying nooooo………

    • Who is planning to do Bostwick Lake Tri in 2010?

    • I’m planning on it

  12. 1750 at the downtown Y – trying to hang in there for the last few days!

  13. 2100 at Bally Fitness again. It was a real challenge for me to get to the pool today but feel good about it now that I’m done.

  14. 1100 at East Hills tonight.

  15. 900 at DDH Y-hang in there folks! You are all awesome!

  16. 900 and fading at DDH. For some reason this year was easier in the beginning, but harder this last week.

  17. 1300 y at DDH Y last night- mustering up all my strength to finish out the last three days.

  18. 1200 yards at a very busy DDHY last night.

  19. 900 yds this evening at the MAC in a very busy pool. Aqua Challenge only left us one lane!

  20. 1200 yards at DDHY

  21. forgot to add yesterday…
    Felt pretty good and ended up swimming 1850 yards!

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