Day Twenty Six

February 26, 2010

Are you ready for this to be over or do you want to continue?  What are your swimming plans after the challenge?

I have been thinking about challenging you to take a few days off after the 28th.  After a 3 day break, I would like you to swim 1000yards (or 500yards) fast and without stopping, take the time and divide by 10 (or 5) and come back here and post it.

This is a swimming reference called your “T-Time” – its basically your optimum training pace.  This will be useful next year to see if you’ve improved.



  1. Have you ever wondered if AquaMan gets sick of H2O?

  2. 2000 yds at the MAC this morning; did the ladder from the FINS workout (not the whole workout; I’m not Jen!). I didn’t think I had it in me, but I guess the prospect of being done soon has brought on a sort of “second wind”.

  3. 1000 at DDH. missing the girls…

  4. 5000 yards @ HAC.

    • That is insanity.

      • 5000 w/out stopping in under 1:14….I have been told I am crazy by a few people today….I love these little challenges.

  5. 3600 early at EK

  6. 1100 at EGR high school. After swimming for 26 days I am still liking it although I am ready for a rest day!

  7. Good job everyone! I will miss you these last few days….I’ve stopped swimming for now to try and heal an injured shoulder. Keep up the good work!

  8. What’s the last thing you want to do after being outside snowshoeing with 1st graders all day long? 1800 at DDH YMCA? Yep…but in February you do it anyway.

    And thanks Phil for the giggle. 😀

  9. 1350 at Calvin 🙂
    Can’t wait for this to be over!! I can’t do two workouts a day, especially starting next week so this is perfect timing…

  10. off day. sigh

  11. 1800 at Bally Fitness in Chicago. Lost my wedding ring in the pool – Then drove back to GR in a snow storm – Now I just have to figure out how to tell Cathy

    • Perry, I am sorry to hear this….man, is there anyway for Bally’s to screen the pool and send it to you?

    • That’s awful Perry. I hope that your work in Chicago was successful…

    • I found my ring this morning in my glove – glad to have it back – thought for sure that it was at the bottom of the pool in Chicago – remembered having right before swimming and noticed that it was gone a couple hours later.

  12. Did 1600 this morning at DDH Y

    • I should add that part of me can’t wait for this to be over (stinky hair and skin), but part of me wants this to last a little longer. I learned how much I actually like the pool, and it has definitely helped with healing my injured ankle. Plus I can now wear a swimsuit I wasn’t able to get into in the beginning 🙂 I will definitely keep swimming but not everyday!

  13. put in 1000 yards tonight at EGR…seem to be getting faster.

  14. 1760 yds at the Mac tonight, a bit tired but loving it. Will keep on swmming but not every day.

  15. 1100 y at the DDH Y. Hard to believe there is only to days left. Looking forward to measuring my T-time and getting my normal human scent back.

  16. 900 @ MAC after a VERY, VERY late night out on Thursday. Easily a day I would have skipped, were it not for the Challenge. Thanks, everyone, for keeping me motivated!

  17. 500 at DDH in the evening. This cold is still kicking my butt, but I couldn’t give it the last three days of this challenge….

    • I admire your dedication despite the circumstances. And I can say that to everyone else here as well!

  18. 1000 downtown- forgot to post

  19. 1600 yards at DDHY

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