Day Twenty Seven

February 27, 2010

Almost there



  1. Wonder twin powers activate…Rudy in the form of a Woolly Mammoth….Phil in the form of a giant tital wave…we will CRUSH the February Swim challenge…sorry for my goofy Justice League posts….

    • too many hours in the pool this month has caused some slight insanity….

  2. Swam 1800 at East Hills after a long run this morning. Felt actually pretty good despite tired legs. ONE DAY TO GO!!!

  3. Did 1500 at DDH Y this afternoon, after running 9 miles today.

    • Yeah, and I forgot how painful it is when you smack hands with someone mid-stroke. Ouch!

  4. 2000 yards…pull/kick drills….fun stuff!

    I think I’m going to order my shirt now

  5. 950 just before they turned off the lights when the pool closed…
    LAST DAY FOR ME! (Calvin’s closed on Sunday)

  6. 7000 at EK…great 2nd to last day. tomorrow will be an easy day 🙂

    • 2500 yards at HAC…hey if anyone is interested a group of Holland triathletes are planning a 10,000 yard swim on Saturday March 6th at 1:30 pm. Let me know if you would like to join us.

    • Sorry, I hit reply to J.R.’s post….

  7. 3000m (3281yards) at the SE Y felt great.

  8. 1100 at DDH YMCA

  9. 1100 y at ddh y and then I think I contracted the norovirus! Seriously though it was definitely the stomach flu. Hope I can pull it together for the last day.

    • Ok me too. And I swim there too. Scary!

      • Ewww…and I swim there as well! Hopefully it’s not getting around!

  10. 3000 at DDHY Did my swim, then stretching upstairs. Felt good.

  11. 1200 @ MAC around dinnertime.

  12. 900 @ DDH

  13. 900 yards at MAC … almost there … !!!

  14. 2000 yards at DDHY

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