Day Twenty Eight

February 28, 2010


  1. 2,400 yards at EK I’d be interested in the 10k swim Phil. Will you let me know the details?

  2. 3600 yards @ MAC,
    thus achieving my personal Feb Swim Challenge goal of a 2 mile swim. (She raises her hands in triumph.)

    10K swim?
    Maybe next year’s Feb Swim Challenge!

    What do I do tomorrow?!?!

    • Well, I was curious after Sarah’s post, so I looked back at my workout log. Here are my totals:

      27/28 days complete.
      29.3 miles total distance.

    • Jen that is great! I am looking forward to FSC VI !

  3. finale with 3000 yards

    by my total 24/28 days, 39, 700 yards or 22.56 miles. I can almost do a handstand in my yoga class unassisted because my upper body strength has improved so much. I’ve gone through every travel size shampoo and lotion I own.

    wow. THIS was great. I think I’m going to stay committed to 3 days a week.

  4. 2000 at DDH YMCA. C

    hallenge met: swam every day, at least a half a mile! Proud of that!

    This is the first time I want to keep going. 😉

  5. Did 1100 at DDH Y this afternoon. While I didn’t swim everyday because 1 day I was sick and the rest I didn’t have access to a pool, I still managed to average 1/2 mile per day if my math adds up correctly 🙂 I think I am taking tomorrow off!

  6. 2600 at DDH Y! It’s been a great month of swimming! I only wish I could keep a cheap membership at the Y so I could use only the pool. It is so convenient, but I don’t need the rest of the facility and don’t want to pay the high prices…. hopefully I’ll find another pool in the area with decent prices. I’m going to miss this chlorine smell! 🙂 Great job, everyone!

  7. Finished the challenge with 1000 yd at the MAC. I will keep going 3-4 times a week.

  8. Hey, question for anyone out there-I have been trying to order a t-shirt but I can only get as far as “checkout”, but I can’t get into the site to make my order. Any ideas??

    • I should clarify-I can’t get into the site to enter in my address/payment info….

      • Amy,
        Call me tomorrow at 616 481 1884 and I’ll see what’s going on. I can process the order for you if the site’s not working…

      • I couldn’t get it to work either

      • Amy, should be all working now. Go ahead and try again.

      • Thanks Jen, it worked. You can disregard my phone message from earlier. I didn’t check the blog until now. 🙂

  9. Sad to take the last day off… but it was a Sunday and well, Calvin is closed… I’d make up for it tomorrow, but that is March…

    Thanks for doing this! I improved a ton and if nothing else can say that I can now actually swim laps without feeling like an idiot! See you at a tri this summer!

  10. quick 1000 before open polo a Jenison

    what a wrap up!

    who’s swimming tomorrow? see you at EK in the AM 🙂

  11. 1900 at EK

  12. 800 at East Hills after skiing all day. Can’t wait to swim after a few days off and see how it feels.
    Thanks for the challenge. I had a great time.

  13. Wierd. The toughest swim came on the last day. But finish I did. What a great month. Thanks for putting it together. Looking forward to next year.

  14. 1500 at DDH Y. I’m happy to be done with the every day program. Plan to continue swimming but will keep it to 3-4 times a week. This years challenge has improved my swimming more than any other attempt I’ve made over the last 5 years. Thanks Rudy for your work to make this happen and keep us all connected on the site.

    My totals:
    28/28 days
    29.7 miles (52320 yards)

  15. I spent the last day in bed sick! UGHHHHHH!!! So mad—– Does a long hot shower count for anything??? I made 25 out of 28 days. I missed posting day 9- 1000y at ddh.

    4700 meters= 5139 yds
    24900 yds plus 5139= 30039 yards== 17.06 miles! WahOOOOOO!!! Looking forward to next year- need to post at least 30 miles then.
    Thanks to Jen for letting me know about this and to Rudy for keeping us all connected!! I plan on doing my t-time this week and swimming 3 times per week. This is the most I have swam since my high school swim team days. It really has been great to get back in the pool!

  16. 3000 @ HAC. Came down with a bad cold the past couple of days. 26/28 days 69,000 yards…by far short of my biggest month ever, but much better quality than before. Rudy, thanks for all your work with this. Perry, thanks for inviting me 4 3 plus years ago to do this. Thanks to everyone for a great month…I had fun and love this month as a kick start to my swimming for the tri season. Sorry I did not make the end of the challenge get together…Sundays are down days at our house. I hope to meet many of you at Bostwick Lake Tri in July.

  17. 1050 yards at 7:15pm at the MAC. Got in just under the wire, but I did it!
    Yey for the February Swim Challenge!

  18. Didn’t swim everyday and took the last 5 days off for the Ice Climbing trip. But I did get in the pool way more than I would have and made some huge strides in distance and speed so it was well worth it!

  19. Anyone interested in the new men v women Swim Challenge for charity? Starts 1st April and its open to all swimmers. Cant have the boys beating the girls! Check out http://www.swimchallenge.org for info.

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