Year Five

January 14, 2011

Its hard to believe its been 5 years – its a simple challenge and will get you through the shortest (and greyest) month.

Swim a minimum of a half mile every day for the month of February.  If you are not a member of the YMCA, there are still several options in and around Grand Rapids.  We have created this website for you to declare your intentions and hook up with the rest of us.  It will be a way to exchange workouts and post your progress.

So, are you up for the challenge?  Post your name and email address in the comments on this post.

28 days — 880 yards per day — 14+ miles total


  1. Count me in. Started swimming again this week and looking forward to that feeling you get around week three of this challenge. The good feeling of getting fast and my endurance rising. Not so much the itchy dry skin.

  2. I’m in! Can’t wait!

  3. Of course I’m in.

  4. I’m in!

  5. I’m in! I’ve gotta do something to get me going.

  6. I’m in…

  7. I hope to do it – will the Y offer the same deal as last year since I’m not a member? I would love to if i could use the Y since that is the closest pool in the area!

  8. I’m actually not going to commit this year. Shocking, I know. I’ll put in 3 days a week but I need to focus on my running a little more so I can complete the 140.6 this September. Good luck everyone!

  9. Will the Y be offering the same deal as last year? I would love to do this but am not going to be able to if the Y isn’t an option. If so, I am in!

  10. I’m with Uma. I can only do it if the Y offers the month long pool pass again. But I definitely am in if they do!

  11. I’m totally in! And check the Kroc Center for affordability. The pool is on the smaller side, but it’s a nice place.

  12. I called the Y about the swim membership, but I didn’t get any answers. I drove there today to ask, but they said they will no longer offer that deal. They will only do full year memberships. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it then unless there is another pool in the area with decent hours… any suggestions?

  13. I know that there may be some trouble at the Kroc on Sundays…they only have open swim. I will go talk with someone Monday and tell them about us and see if they can offer some kind of modified open swim (at least) on those days. (for those of us at the Kroc). Otherwise I think Kentwood might be an option…I am pretty sure they have some kind of punchcard for purchase (even though it may not be as convenient as the Y was, or the Kroc). Also quite sure that EGR high also has a punchcard system, although O don’t know their hours.

  14. Just found out the Y waives the sign up fee for the month of January, and they still had my financial aid info on file. I just went down and renewed my membership!

    So, count me in for sure!
    Here’s my email: lorenaslager@gmail.com

    Can’t wait!!

  15. I am trying to work out the YMCA monthly pass again – I should know in the next couple days –

  16. I’ll be cheering you all on this year from the sidelines! With a season of bike racing coming up, I’m likely to be found on a bike trainer while you swim. I will try and join some of the swims at the Kroc.

  17. Any word about the Y yet? …. February is coming quickly!

  18. I am in! Best thing I do for myself every year.

  19. I’m in.

    CAN’T WAIT!! – Bart Scott

  20. No Perry????

  21. I’m in!

  22. No feb challenge for me this year. Both of my sons are participating in winter HS sports and my wife is pregnant. Too much going on this year

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