Day One

February 1, 2011

And so it begins…  Reply to these daily posts with details from your swim workout – as much as you want – how far, what drills you did, where you went, who you saw, etc.

Where do you plan to do most of your swimming?  Is this your first time doing the challenge?  Are you much of a swimmer?  What do you hope to get out of the challenge this year?



  1. Busted out 1050 at the DDHY with Pat Clarin this morning. A little worried about tomorrow though #snowtastrophe

  2. 1100 yards at DDHY (Keith was late).

  3. 900 yards @ HAC.

  4. went through the blizzard to the DDH Y! 1250 yards! 🙂 It’s good to smell like chlorine again!

  5. 900 at DDHY with Lindsay, Kathy, and Mani.

  6. 1000 yards at the Kroc. Nice and quiet this late morning.

    They will not be changing their Sunday schedule….so the lap lanes will not be open for any kind of modified swim….

  7. 1600 yards at DDHY last night. Was nervous they might close before I made it down there. Wednesday is a different story.

  8. Oh…I did not answer the questions. I will do most of my swimming at the Holland Aquatic Center. I am not a great swimmer, but try to improve from year to year. This is my 4th or 5th doing this swim challenge.


  9. Did 900 yards at the Kroc

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