Another Year 2012

January 11, 2012

We are getting close to starting another year – and according to the Mayans, this could be your last chance

email and details to follow but who has been thinking about, dreading, getting excited for, dreaming about this years challenge?



  1. I HAVE been thinking about it – wondering who is going to take the challenge this year, and also wondering how I am going to do it if I am also trying to train for a (running) race in July, continue hot yoga 5-6x/wk, be a Master of Ed. student, and a wife and a mother….hmmmmmm =) Should something go? Is this right this year? These are the things that are running around in my head just now….

    I must say that there is something wonderful and compelling about getting into the water each and every day in the middle of February in the mitten….

  2. Where is everyone? I’m looking forward to another year but also nervous. It is always a great feeling after a week or two when you starting feeling comfortable in the water, noticing your stroke efficacy improving and overall feeling “good”. On the flip side, I also know there will be those days where the last thing I want to do is get in the water. I know of a few new people planning to join us this year which enforces the group motivation a bit more.

  3. I’m in this year. Only thing I’m not looking forward to is the horribly dry skin. Any tips on how to keep the chlorine from eating me alive?

    • I swear by actually taking the quick shower after your swim to remove the chlorine – and the same goes for your hair (but you need to actually shampoo/condition). My hair and skin were fried the first year, and the second year and subsequent years have been okay if I do this. I also preventatively lightly spray my hair with olive oil (I know, that sounds gross) before I go into the pool. Seriously – you can’t tell that I’ve bee swimming every day when I do this. =)

      • If you wait until you get home and your hair dries too much – it’s too late =(

      • I do shower as soon as I get out of the pool but it does not seem to help. Granted I just use the some that the YMCA has in there. Is there any soap that works better?

  4. I’m in and I can’t wait! I’ve been in the pool several times in January, after a l-o-n-g absence last year and already enjoying the improvements I’m seeing.

    Rebecca, my plan is to do hot yoga only 2x (Tuesday AM and Saturday AM) and swim every day.

    Matt, I recommend an Aveda product called Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser. It’s pricey but doubles as a body wash and you can literally feel it pulling the chlorine out of your hair. Also, smells good but not girly. http://www.aveda.com/product/5311/16763/Hair-Care/Shampoo/Sun-Care-Hair-and-Body-Cleanser/index.tmpl

    I’m swimming at the EGR pool primarily with the MAC pool as backup.

  5. Well, I thought I posted yesterday but clearly… user error.

    Rebecca: I am planning to do hot yoga 2x week — Tuesday and Saturday AMs.

    Troy: It’s pricey but I can recommend Aveda’s swim and sun product. It doubles as a body wash and smells good but not girly. I swear I can feel it stripping the chlorine out of my hair.

    All: I’m excited to be back at Feb Swim Challenge! I’ve been in the pool all of January and can’t wait for tomorrow! I will be swimming at the EGR high school pool and the MAC, primarily in the early mornings. Shout out if you’re going to be there!

  6. Looks like I’m off the a bad start. I’m sure I wont be swimming tomorrow. I came down with a nasty chest cold this morning. Just took some meds and heading to bed. Will see how I feel tomorrow.
    I’m not out, but may not make all the days now.

  7. I had the DDH Y pool to myself at 6:30 this morning. Where was everyone? I’m off to a good start with 1000 in this am.
    All went well after I got the bleeding stopped… Watch out for the small trees along the Y parking lot sidewalk, walking into a branch will leave a mark! But chlorine sterilizes wounds, right?

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