Day Two

February 2, 2012

Faith can move mountains, doubt can create them.




  1. Got 1000 yards in today at the visser ymca. Had a few coughing fits under water but other than that it went well. Got to use my new swim watch. I think I love that thing. It learns your swim stroke and counts your laps for you.. I did 20 laps and it was spot on.

  2. Forgot to enter yesterday, but did 1600 yards in at the MAC pool. Forgot how lovely it is to swim in a salivated body of water — not nearly as drying at the HS pool!

    Troy: your watch sounds awesome!

    • salivated pool? who spit in the water?

      • LOL! Salinated — I should not post so early in the morning!

  3. 2 days of 1000 at DDH Y completed. Rolling back into town at 7 after working in Detroit all day. There would have been no exercise today if not for the challenge. I think that’s a good thing.

    FYI -Jenison High Pool is set for 50M sat 6:30 – 8:30

  4. 1650 last night, again at Aim Fitness. Like Dave there would be now workout if not for the challenge. Also hoping to swim the 50M Saturday morning.

    • I’ll be at JHS at 7:30am if the body’s working that early tomorrow…

  5. 750 Last night at DDH… I wish they had open pool during the CC practice!

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