Day Seven

February 7, 2012

Swim Swim Swim – then swim some more



  1. 1,050 @ Aim. Today it started, that “good” feeling is coming on. May be time to start increasing the intensity. We’ll see if this positive attitude i have at the moment is with me tomorrow at 5:30am.
    Nice job Jen. Appears its only us this year. What happen to everyone?

  2. Have hung in there at 1,000 yards the last 3 days, despite a head cold.
    Looked over in the mirror while at spin class today and noticed the dry chalky look to my skin – it probably only gets worse from here.

  3. I almost talked myself into NOT swimming today. Had a bunch of stuff to do at home after work and it would just be so much easier to not swim.
    But I did swim, lost count though it’s a good thing my watch did not. lol 1050 at the Visser Y tonight.

  4. 1800 yards at the MAC last night after work.

    For me, if I don’t get my swim done in the morning then it’s gets harder by the minute to get my swim in as the day goes on.

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