Indoor Tri & Wrap Up Party

February 23, 2010

This Sunday, the downtown YMCA is holding the first of 2 indoor triathlon events.

Swim 15 minutes in the pool
Bike 15 minutes on a stationary bike
Run 15 minutes on the indoor track
5 minute transition times in between

If you are interested, contact Dave Leggett today at the YMCA at 616-855-9622 – our cost is $25
Download the PDF Flyer Here

We also have the community conference room reserved anytime between 8am and 1:30pm, so we could have a wrap up party.  Before I go and plan something, reply to this post and let me know if you would be interested.



  1. I’m going to pass on the indoor tri – it’s just not the same inside! Sunday mornings/early afternoons aren’t good times for my husband and I, but we’ve really enjoyed swimming this month! Have a great wrap-up party and good luck w/everyone’s training!

  2. I just found out I’m not going to be able to make the tri (maybe I’ll do the next one) but I am available after 10 am if you plan on doing a wrap-up party.

  3. I cant open the flyer… what time is it at?

  4. Sorry, have to work on Sunday morning.

  5. 1200 yards, nice and easy.

    • oops, i’m an idiot.

  6. im in for the wrap up party though…

  7. I won’t be in GR until Sunday night, but have a great party!

  8. I can’t make the indoor tri- thanks for the offer!

  9. I guess it’s looking sort of bad for a wrap-up party on Sunday. That’s a bummer!

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